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Tooth autograft: is it effective?

Tooth autotransplantation is defined as the transplantation of a tooth from one site to another in the same patient.

It is a technique that is evaluated in some specific clinical cases as a therapeutic alternative to implant or conventional rehabilitation.

When is the self-transplant of the tooth feasible

To carry out an autotransplantation of the tooth, a set of conditions must occur that concern both the alveolar site on which the tooth will be transplanted and the tooth that will be inserted.

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The dentist will evaluate the possibility of an autotransplant mainly on the basis of:

  • conditions of the recipient alveolar site: it could in fact be an immediate, post-extractive transplant or an extractive alveolus on which intervention is delayed or an artificial alveolus;
  • conditions of the development of the root of the transplanted tooth.

These aspects affect both the phases of surgery and any post-surgery complications.

Effectiveness of a tooth transplant: research

In a recent study, published in the Journal of Dentistry last May, some Italian researchers analyzed the cases of tooth autotransplantation in 21 patients and evaluated their survival and success rate.

For the research, the medical records of patients undergoing tooth autotransplantation in a specialized center in Rimini from 2005 to 2011 were evaluated and examined.

Only clinical cases with molar transplants were considered. Patients were recalled years later to assess survival and success rates.

The average age of the patients undergoing tooth autotransplantation was 35 years, while the evaluation and the survival rate were considered an average of 12 years after surgery.

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The results of research on tooth autograft

The success rate at the time of the last control visit was found to be 80% and the survival rate of 95% in the clinical cases considered.

From the results obtained, it can be concluded that the dental technique of tooth self-transplantation is reliable, but must be performed according to strict indications and protocols.

Furthermore, the evaluation of the single clinical case remains fundamental for a personalized therapy that can guarantee the success of the intervention.