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Canal therapies: the use of the root canal endoscope

canal therapy milan

Root canal therapies are the most common dental treatments because they avoid tooth extraction. However, the treatment must be carried out with the utmost care but. in some clinical cases, it is not easy for the dentist to have a complete view of the root canals. For this purpose a new technological tool is being finalized: the root canal endoscope with optical fiber.

The technology facilitates root canal therapies

The technological tools in dentistry have allowed dentists to operate with greater precision and effectiveness even in areas where it is difficult to operate only with the human eye. The surgical microscope is, for example, one of the most advanced technological tools in the field of modern dentistry.

To this will soon be added a technological tool developed by a team of Japanese scholars last December: the root canal endoscope with optical fiber.

How to use the endoscope for root canal therapies

canal therapy milanThe root canal endoscope is a probe composed of optical fibers and a magnifying glass. It is a cutting edge technology that allows you to have a view of the area to be treated with very high quality resolutions. During root canal therapies it will therefore be possible to see infinitesimal details, which up to now were impossible to access.

In particular the use of the instrument during the phases of root canal therapy will allow access to the view of complex root canals, including the branched and curved ones. In these particular situations, the root canal endoscope will be able to provide dentistry with images much superior to those of the operating microscope, in terms of quality and precision.

The particularly thin optical fiber makes it possible to reach the area of the root and accurately map all the root canals present.

Diagnosis and specific care

The ultra-thin optical fiber allows the visualization with precision and richness of details throughout theapical area of the root canals, even in the case of very complex shapes.

The possibility of accurately viewing the state of health of all root canals allows the dentist to make much more accurate and precise diagnoses. In particular, the new root canal endoscope will be a particularly useful tool in cases of failure of root canal therapy.

The root canal treatment consists in identifying the infection and removing it from the dental pulp and the subsequent restoration of the treated area. There are cases in which root canal therapies fail because some bacteria remain nested in the most hidden caverns of the root canals.

The root canal endoscope with integrated optical fiber will allow to analyze all the areas, including the curved ones, ensuring a better diagnosis and prevention of treatment failure, avoiding the drastic consequences for the patient such as the need for oral surgery or extraction of the tooth.

Technology at the service of the patient

In our dental center, investing in innovative technological tools has always been a priority. In fact, we believe that technology, combined with the high skills of our doctors and professionals, can represent the best health service for our patients.

The technology and the continuous training on new dental techniques has allowed us in fact to operate with greater precision, effectiveness and with a drastic reduction of the pain.

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