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The signs of amalgam or metal on the gums: how to remove them

signs of amalgam and metal

Years after a root canal treatment it can happen that a bluish-gray pigmentation can stain the gum tissue, these are the signs of amalgam and metal.

Signs of amalgam and metal were seen in 3.3% of US adults who had undergone root canal treatment. The marks on the gums adhering to the treated teeth are due to the detachment of metal particles contained in the prostheses and dental materials.

How to get rid of amalgam and metal marks

Pigmentation on the gums can affect limited or larger areas. The signs of amalgam and metal can also affect the teeth adjacent to the treated ones and, in general, become an aesthetic problem.

devitalized tooth

Although this is a very widespread phenomenon, there is no standard protocol for the removal of marks on the gums or teeth.

When the signs are particularly evident, we often proceed with resective plastic surgery of the pigmented gum to which a complementary intervention with gingival grafts can be added.

In this case, the patient is subjected to a particularly invasive, complex and not always decisive dental treatment because it can involve risks or complications, including gingival recessions and postoperative trauma.

Minimally invasive dental techniques to eliminate stains from the gums

In a study published in the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, a new, minimally invasive technique was presented to remove amalgam and metal marks on the gums.

The minimally invasive dental technique uses the Er: YAG laser.

The research included clinical data from 18 patients who had undergone Er: YAG laser treatment to remove marks on the gums.

The laser treatment was performed directly on the area of the gum affected by the marks.

An operating microscope was used to identify metal debris and to conduct accurate irradiation, minimizing the risk of injury, thus making the treatment minimally invasive. Postoperative gingival color and morphology were then assessed and patient-reported postoperative pain was analyzed using the visual analog scale.

Results of laser treatment on gum marks

Through the laser technique and with the use of the operating microscope all the amalgam and metal marks were removed completely and safely without pain or postoperative complications.

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