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The possibility of losing your teeth generates anxiety

possibility of losing teeth

The possibility of losing teeth due to periodontal disease can generate anxiety because it affects both the chewing functions and the aesthetic functions of the patient.

Periodontitis and emotional disorders

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that affects the periodontal ligament and its correlation with other systemic diseases has been ascertained such as:


Today the scientific literature hypothesizes a correlation between periodontal disease and emotional disorders.

Anxiety states in the world population have increased dramatically in recent decades. According to some data that emerged in the systematic review published in the Clinical Periodontology of February 2021, the possibility of losing teeth due to periodontitis could generate anxiety and depression in patients.

Obviously it must be considered that other variables contribute both to the possibility of developing periodontal disease and to developing depressive or anxiety states such as:

  • age;
  • sex;
  • severity of the disease;
  • habitual smokers;
  • excessive alcohol consumption.

Anxiety about the possibility of losing teeth

Milan dentist

The authors of the research included in their analysis 40 case studies to verify the correlation between states of depression and anxiety and the presence of periodontal disease and any existing risk relationship.

Research results have shown that periodontal disease can be associated with depression, just as periodontitis is significantly correlated with anxiety. A higher score on the depression and anxiety scales was found in subjects with periodontal disease.

A phenomenon that, despite having to find confirmation in similar research, can be explained by the fear generated by the possibility of losing teeth and what follows from both a functional and an aesthetic point of view.

A patient who has lost his teeth will have many difficulties in managing his daily life, the ability to speak correctly, to chew and finally, last but not least, to live sociality with the fear of smiling and showing a toothless mouth is affected. . A situation that often throws patients into despair, generating anxiety and depression.

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