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Systemic diseases: how much does periodontal health affect

systemic diseases periodontitis dentist milan

In the last decade, the scientific community and in particular the branch of dentistry has researched the correlations between systemic diseases and periodontal health.

Periodontitis is the sixth most widespread disease in the world, it is a chronic inflammatory disease and can also manifest itself in very serious forms.

In recent years, the scientific literature has ascertained the correlation of periodontitis to 57 systemic diseases, in particular it has become clear that periodontal disease has a fundamental role in causing or making some systemic diseases more serious.

gums that bleed

The vital importance of periodontal health

A recent study published in the Journal of Dental Research reports the comment of researcher Morena Petrini, of the University of Chieti, on the vital importance of periodontal health.

The onset of oral periodontitis involves chronic inflammation of the gums and periodontium, a condition that affects the entire body.

Impaired periodontal health can facilitate the onset of inflammation even at a systemic level, because oral pathogenic bacteria can easily spread into the vascular system.

The cardiovascular system

The strong correlation between periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases has long been proven, not only from a genetic point of view, but also in terms of bacterial and inflammatory agents.

Patients who have poor oral hygiene and do not respond adequately to therapies for the treatment of periodontal disease are more likely to develop acute cardiovascular disease.

Periodontal health and diabetes

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Patients who are not affected by systemic diseases but who develop chronic periodontitis are more likely to become diabetic, while diabetic patients who are also affected by periodontitis are more likely to incur health complications related to both diseases.

For obese patients, on the other hand, a compromised periodontal health determines an altered production of hormones, including the pancreatic hormone that generates negative effects on:

  • glycemia;
  • appetite;
  • body weight;
  • immune function.

Periodontal health and mortality risk from systemic diseases

An epidemiological analysis based on 19 studies and 640,446 subjects showed that periodontitis can increase the risk of mortality for patients with:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • cancer;
  • coronary heart disease:
  • cerebrovascular diseases.

In particular, patients with periodontitis present more than double the risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

From these evidences it is clear that the state of periodontal health must be constantly monitored.

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