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Removing tartar: effective procedures

dental cysts

One of the best actions to prevent periodontitis is the prevention and in particular the periodic removal of tartar. Removing tartar with a professional dental session helps the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of pathologies affecting the periodontal ligaments.

Periodontitis: the importance of removing tartar

Among the various branches of dentistry there is also periodontology, a field intended for the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases. Among the objectives of periodontology and in general of all dentistry, there is the conservation of natural teeth and consequently the possibility of preserving the correct aesthetic and motor functions given precisely by natural teeth.

During a dental visit it is established whether the patient is in an optimal state of oral health or whether there is the presence of gingivitis or periodontitis.

Depending on the diagnosis, a dental treatment is defined and then evaluated in the following sessions.

The diagnosis of periodontitis

The diagnosis of periodontitis is made through the information obtained from:

  • patient history
  • objective examination of the dentist
  • radiographic and laboratory tests


The patient history is the starting point. The first dental visit is essential to build a relationship of trust between the doctor and the patient. By sharing the clinical history it is possible to evaluate the presence of risk factors for periodontal diseases:

  • poor oral hygiene
  • smoker
  • drug therapies
  • familiarity
  • diabetes

Physical examination

With the objective examination, the dentist evaluates the state of health of the teeth and of the oral cavity in general, the presence of plaque, if it is necessary to remove the tartar, the state of the gums and periodontal tissues.

deep cleaning of the teeth

In the presence of periodontitis, the periodontal probing examination is carried out to verify the severity of the pathology.

Tartar removal

Tartar removal is the first phase of both preventive and curative treatment.

Treatment to remove tartar is a mechanical treatment that removes tartar above and below the gums. It is based on scaling and root planing techniques that the dentist can perform manually or with ultrasonic or sonic instruments.

One of the most used hand instruments is the curette, hence the term curettage. It is a steel handle that ends with a very sharp blade tip with which the enamel and root of the tooth are scraped without scratching it.

Ultrasonic instruments are mainly ultrasonic scalers, instruments equipped with particular interchangeable tips that allow you to reach even the sub-gingival tartar. The tip moved by the micromotor performs a vibratory movement, up to 20,000 vibrations per minute, and manages to remove the tartar without damaging the surrounding tissues.

After the treatment, the dentist or hygienist will provide specific instructions on how to best manage the dental and periodontal situation of each individual patient. After the mechanical removal of the tartar, the polished surfaces must be polished in order to make them smooth and less retentive for bacterial plaque.

Four to six weeks after completion of the scaling treatment, a re-evaluation of the patient should be performed to identify areas where new tartar has accumulated, areas where chronic bleeding and gum swelling persist.

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