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Dentists and diabetologists for the prevention of periodontitis

dentists and diabetologists milan

Medicine no longer operates in watertight compartments, for this reason some medical associations collaborate together for the prevention of diseases that can affect several branches of medicine; among these also periodontitis. In this case, dentists and diabetologists can work in synergy for correct prophylaxis.

Joint recommendations for the prevention of periodontitis

The medical associations made up of dentists and diabetologists, the Italian Society of Periodontology and Implantology (SidP), the Italian Society of Diabetology (SID) and the Association of Diabetes Doctors (AMD), worked together on the guidelines for screening and for the prevention of gingival inflammation.

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The recommendations are intended to diagnose the possible presence of diabetes during a dental visit and, vice versa, the presence of gingival inflammation during the visit to the diabetologist.

The collaboration between the two medical specializations can guarantee the early diagnosis of periodontitis and diabetes with enormous advantage for patients at risk.

Periodontitis and diabetes

Periodontitis and diabetes are two pathologies closely linked, for this reason even the doctors who deal with them must necessarily implement common practices.

Overall 12 million Italians suffer from diabetes or periodontitis. The 8 million Italians who have severe gingival inflammation have a 20% chance of developing diabetes, just as the 4 million Italians with diabetes can experience periodontal ligament inflammation.

Preventive screening of dentists and diabetologists

Dentists and diabetologists will be able to follow a common protocol starting from the administration of a short questionnaire.

The dentist will ask their patients with gum inflammation some questions that will lead them to opt for a blood glucose test.

All over 45 with periodontitis who have not checked blood sugar levels for over 3 years and all patients with a body mass index above 25, therefore overweight or obese, should be tested for blood glucose.

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The diabetologist, on the other hand, through targeted questions on:

can recommend a dental visit. The protocol also recommends that doctors inspect the oral cavity, with particular attention to the gums, at the first visit and subsequent checks.

“Diabetes and periodontitis are two closely related conditions. Diabetes can be associated with an increase in gingivitis and chronic periodontitis, with a risk for the person with diabetes up to 2-3 times greater than for a person who is not affected ”, comments Paolo Di Bartolo, president of AMD.

The watchword is once again prevention.

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