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Post implant surgery: risk factor infections

post implant surgery infections

In post-implant surgery, infections are a fairly rare complication, but they are still considered by dentistry as a risk factor that increases the chances of implant failure.

Infections in the post-implant operation

milan dentist nobel protocolThe possibility of contracting an infection in the period immediately following an implant surgery, that is, within the first month of surgery, is around a percentage between 1.6% and 11.5%. However, this is a fairly rare event.

Following the operation, an antibacterial therapy is usually given which can cause an alteration of the oral macrobiota. An altered balance of the bacterial flora can facilitate the onset of infections that resist subsequent antibiotic therapies.

The presence of an infection during the osseointegration phase can increase the risk of implant failure byabout 80 times.

The incidence of infections on implant failure

In October 2018, a Spanish study was published in the Journal of Periodontology that wanted to highlight the factors that can greatly increase the chances of implant failure. In particular, the research focused on patients who developed an infection in the post-implant surgery and therefore in the osseointegration phase.

The sample used for the analysis was composed of 1322 patients for a total of 2673 dental implants inserted, treated in the period between January 2004 and October 2015 in the surgery of oral surgery and implantology of the University of Barcelona.

The patients examined showed the presence of:

  • pus in the area of the plants;
  • gingival fistulas close to them;
  • fever;
  • pain in the treated area.

L’incidenza dell’infezione post intervento implantare, nel campione esaminato, è stata del 2,80%, pari a 37 pazienti. Of these 37, 89.19%, equal to 33 of them, were subjected to a surgical treatment for the removal of the infection because they were resistant to antibiotic therapy. On the 33 patients treated, in 65% of cases it was necessary to remove the implants.

Considering all the data collected during the research phase, the following conclusions were drawn: patients who contract an infection during the osseointegration phase are more likely to experience implantology failure.

It is estimated that the possibility of the dental implant to survive an infection contracted during the period immediately following implant placement is 33.5%.

How to reduce the risk factor in post-implant surgery

Considering how much an infection can affect the success of an implant surgery, it is important to prevent this. In the post-implantation phase it is best to follow the indications of the implantologist to the letter.

There are in fact some simple rules to follow, in addition to any topical or systemic therapies. The first step is to follow a proper diet and pay attention to all implant care procedures, starting with correct oral hygiene.

Therefore, do not take the indications of the implantologist lightly if you wish to minimize the possibility of implant failure.

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