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Dental implant care: because it is essential

dental implant care

After an implant surgery the first question the patient asks the dentist regards the duration of the new prosthesis. The answer is closely related to dental implant care.

Why is dental implant care important?

The advantage of implantology, compared to other prosthetic rehabilitations, is in the possibility of restoring the functions milan dental implantsmasticatory and aesthetic obtaining a result very similar to the presence of natural teeth.

Inserting dental implants is like having new teeth, with a sensation very similar to having your natural teeth in your mouth.

Obviously, just as one cannot forget to take care of the oral hygiene of the teeth, in the same way it is not possible to neglect the care of the dental implant.

When the care of the dental implant is lacking, complications can occur that lead to the complete loss of the implant, in particular there is a strong risk of contracting peri-implantitis, a dental implant infection that is completely similar to periodontitis, which leads to to mobility and also to the fall of the plant.

How to take care of the dental implant

To make the rediscovered smile last for a long time, it is necessary to follow small steps.

Brush the dental implant like all other teeth

Those who have already undergone implant surgery know for sure that it is like having natural teeth, so during the phases of oral hygiene, the dental implant must be brushed with the same attention as the other teeth. The only care is to use a brush with soft or medium bristles, to avoid damage to the gums. The purpose of careful brushing is to remove food residues and plaque from the line between the prosthesis and the gums.

Dental floss and dental implant

Dental floss is an indispensable tool to be able to thoroughly clean the space between the dental implant and the other teeth. By forming a semicircle with the thread you can surround the prosthesis and clean the interproximal surfaces well.

A dental injury can damage the implant

A dental trauma is a pitfall for both natural teeth and dental implants. An accident, a fall and even something as trivial as a ball, can determine the fracture of a natural tooth or even a dental implant.

Check-ups are not optional

The dentist is the only one who can notice any pathologies related to a lack of care of the dental implant. Constantly monitoring the state of health of the dental implant is one of the main guarantees for its durability. Performing deep cleanings twice a year preserves the dental implant from tartar and therefore from infections.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

There are symptoms that can occur even with the naked eye or give pain. If there is blood or swelling in front of the mirror, please inform your dentist immediately.

Same thing if you have pain during chewing or even worse if your dental implant moves.

To intervene quickly means to avoid losing the dental implant. An infection in fact can compromise the jawbone in which the implant is inserted, being able to cure it in time or better yet to prevent it is the only way to safeguard the dental implant from failure.

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