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Poor quality of prostheses: how to defend yourself?

poor quality of prostheses

On the occasion of one of the last conferences promoted by the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry (AIOP), last April, it was reiterated the need to warn dental patients about the possible poor quality of dental prostheses.

Poor quality of prostheses: how to recognize it

poor quality of dental prosthesesThe patient’s main defense weapon is correct information. When we talk about the poor quality of prostheses, we refer first of all to the materials they are made of.

There are materials potentially toxic to human health, some crowns for implantology or removable prostheses could be composed of materials different from those declared or have percentages of toxic metals higher than those allowed.

These materials include: nickel, a metal that, in cases of continuous exposure, can be very toxic and carcinogenic; cadmium, whose toxicity also extends to its compounds and even if in low concentration it tends to accumulate in the body, creating irreparable damage to the kidneys and other complications.

How to defend yourself from poor quality?

To verify the quality of the prosthesis, it is possible to request and it is the patient’s right to do so, the certificate of conformity of the dental prosthesis, it contains all the information relating to the materials of which the prosthesis is composed and their relative percentages.quality of prostheses

In addition to this, it is important to choose a specialized dental center. In the field of dentistry there are different roles and skills, an implantologist is not just a dentist and a dental technician is not a dentist.

If you want to make sure you are in the right hands, always do online research. Look for the dental center, the dentist of reference, read the reviews of other patients, never stop only at the price. A very low price compared to the average could hide the poor quality of the prosthesis.

Informed and aware patients force dentists to be much more careful and scrupulous.

A guide to AIOP helps to recognize the poor quality of the prosthesis

On his site, the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry has released an informative brochure for dental patients to help them distinguish the quality of dental prostheses and to approach the dentist with a profound critical sense.

A patient-oriented dental center also stands out for this, for the possibility of discussing all the clinical choices with the medical team.

Not only that, in a dental center like the Sanident in Milan, we use modern technologies that guarantee dental prostheses with a high standard of quality both on a functional and aesthetic level.

All our prostheses comply with current regulations, in particular EU Directive 93/42 EEC which regulates the use, in the European Union, of medical devices, including prostheses, performed exclusively with CE marked materials.

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