Periodontitis, this unknown

Every day when we eat, a platoon of bacteria energetically lashes out against our teeth. By washing them after meals, we can protect them from the 100,000 microorganisms that are the cause of tooth decay and gum inflammation. After 4 hours from the meal, if you don’t brush your teeth, these microorganisms multiply to become millions and create a layer on the teeth that can facilitate infections. This is where gingivitis originates, which can worsen into periodontitis. If we had already talked about periodontitis, signs and treatments, in this article we want to highlight what emerges from a research by the World Health Organization. Periodontal problems are undermining the quality of life of Italians who, in the worst cases, risk being left without teeth.

The first figure is surprising: 20 million Italians over 35 are affected by this problem, as many as 8 million have severe periodontitis. Unfortunately, among these, only a few know its symptoms, the consequences and know they have it.

Mysterious periodontitis: few know it

70% of Italians have confused ideas on the periodontitis theme. Periodontitis is, therefore, a mystery. The painful gums (25% of cases), red and bleeding (47%), which retract (28%), are not so alarming as to push the patient to visit the dentist, the ailment, therefore, remains and often gets worse . Who decides to intervene, about 12 million people involved, does it with the wrong methods, changing toothpaste, sees solutions in vitamins or herbal concoctions, in a more correct diet, in changing the toothbrush or, again, in the use of a mouthwash for sensitive teeth.

Strong periodontitis, plaque and tartar The consequences of periodontitis are, therefore, known to less than one Italian out of three, very few associate the alarm bells of a periodontitis (painful gums) with the disease and its most serious consequences, that is, tooth loss. Only 8% of Italians know that the term periodontitis is synonymous with pyorrhea, a more common and known term especially in the past.

In parallel, the survey highlights the need to increase education and awareness on the topic. 90% of Italians know they are not sufficiently informed and would like to increase their knowledge on gum health, 95% require dentists to play a crucial role in the dissemination of clear and correct news, 83% would like to receive information from sites trusted web.

The problem is not only linked to a deterioration in the quality of life but also to a lightening of the portfolio. In fact, it would save almost a billion euros if citizens were aware of the risks and paid more attention to this disease.

If, on the one hand, there is little knowledge of the disease and the risks associated with it, on the other, retracting and bleeding gums should frighten and push the interested party to book an appointment at a dental office. Therefore, if you experience some of the symptoms related to periodontitis, we strongly advise you not to underestimate them and come to visit us.