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Mouth infections: how to prevent them

mouth infections

Mouth infections, except in cases where they reach an advanced stage, are often overlooked because it is not always easy to recognize them.

The oral cavity is colonized by over 350 species of bacteria, some of them are beneficial to the health of our mouth, but when the balance between the bacteria present in the oral cavity and our body is altered, the conditions for an infection.

Mouth infections: which bacteria cause them

Among all the species of microorganisms present in the oral cavity, there are some types of bacteria which, if present in greater numbers, than the normal balance of the oral microbiota, can be the cause of specific pathologies.

Let’s see which, among the most common bacteria present in our mouth, are closely related to infections of the oral cavity.

Streptococcus sanguinis – dental plaque

It is a bacterium naturally present in the mouth and is closely related to the formation of dental plaque. 50% of the plaque composition is made up of streptococcus sanguinis. It is normally a harmless bacterium, which can be removed through deep cleaning sessions. In cases where Streptococcus sanguinis concentrates in the bacterial plaque and this is not removed, complications can occur. The bacterium could in fact come into contact with the blood through small wounds in the oral cavity and reach the heart, causing even serious heart diseases.

Streptococcus mutans; Lactobacillus and Actinomyces Israelii – dental caries

Streptococcus mutans is the bacterium responsible for sucrose metabolism, the sugar that more than others is oral infections responsible for dental caries. To this is added the lactobacillus which is a colonizing bacterium in the areas already affected by caries. The action of both leads to an infection of the mouth that starts from the attack of the dentine (the part of the tooth covered by enamel). Actinomyces Israelii is instead a bacterium closely related to the onset of deep caries, which mainly affects the root of the tooth.

Porphyrius monas gingivalis and Actinobacillus A – periodontitis

Lo Porphyrius monas gingivalis e l’Actinobacillus A sono i due batteri principalmente responsabili dell’insorgere della parodontite e della sua degenerazione progressiva.

Borrelia Vincentii – destruction of the periodontal tissue

Borrelia Vincentii is one of the largest spiral microorganisms present in the oral cavity. Its action is correlated with the destruction of the tissue that supports the tooth, causing it to fall out.

How do the bacteria that cause mouth infections work?

Bacteria mainly act through tartar or microperitis inside the oral cavity.

The plaque not adequately removed stratifies until it becomes tartar. Tartar settles on the gingival margin and causes inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). If left untreated, inflammation can extend to the deeper tissues of the gum, affecting the periodontal tissue, thus undermining the stability of the tooth (periodontitis).

Bacteria that come into contact with lacerations of the oral mucosa can easily reach the blood vessels and be the cause of systemic pathologies.

How to prevent mouth infections?

The first tip is to not neglect your oral hygiene. In addition to the foresight of good daily oral cleaning practices, such as brushing your teeth well and using dental floss, it is good to plan, at least twice a year, a session of deep hygiene by your dentist.

A healthy lifestyle should be added to oral hygiene care. Limit the use of cigarettes and alcohol, do not consume too much sugar, promote proper nutrition, rich in fruit and vegetables, drink a lot and finally monitor the health of your mouth with periodic check-ups.

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