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Misalignment of teeth due to parodonditis: how to intervene

misalignment of the teeth orthodontics milan

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When it comes to periodontitis, the patient is always warned about the most serious consequences of the pathology, including tooth loss, but periodontitis can also be the cause of a misalignment of the teeth.

When the periodontal ligament is compromised due to periodontitis, the teeth can move from their natural position and result in malocclusion due to misalignment or overcrowding.

How to act on the misalignment of the teeth caused by periodontitis

orthodontic treatment dentist milanThe application of an orthodontic appliance can be an effective solution to improve the stability of the teeth of a patient suffering from periodontitis and at the same time treat the misalignment of the teeth.

Thanks to orthodontics, the patient suffering from periodontitis could therefore solve the problem of malocclusion both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

The evaluation of individual clinical cases

A recent study published in the Journal of Periodontology of September 2019 showed the willingness on the part of patients suffering from chronic, moderate or severe periodontitis, to undergo orthodontic treatment.

The questionnaire drawn up for the survey was administered to 115 patients with periodontitis, two thirds were in favor of orthodontics and the main reason is to improve the aesthetic appearance.Gingival recession causes

The more the periodontitis appeared to have compromised the aesthetic aspect, the more the patients were shown to be interested in orthodontic treatments.

This is significant, but the dentist cannot always proceed with the application of an orthodontic appliance on patients suffering from periodontitis, especially in those with an advanced disease.

Each clinical case must therefore be evaluated in a specific way, with an interdisciplinary approach between orthodontist and periodontist.

Treatment for the cure of chronic periodontitis and orthodontic treatment could be performed following a specific schedule, thus leading to an overall solution of the problem.

Benefits of orthodontics

Before proceeding with orthodontic treatment, the stage of periodontitis will be assessed, the patient will undergo preventive care to minimize the infection.

The next phase will be that of orthodontic therapy, the dentist will evaluate the appropriate traction forces to avoid excessive pressure on the periodontal ligament.

The insertion of a fixed or removable orthodontic appliance on a patient with periodontitis will always have to exert light forces, so it is good to rely on professionals with high competence who know how to customize dental therapy according to the patient’s needs.

Intervening on the misalignment of the teeth and bringing them back to their natural position also means facilitating oral hygiene. With straight teeth it is easier to remove plaque and tartar and thus reduce the possible recurrence or flare-up of periodontitis.

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