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Cleaning the dental implant: here’s how to proceed

clean the dental implant

Before facing an implantology intervention, each patient is taken by many doubts and hesitations that disappear after seeing the results of the intervention. But beware of forgetting to clean the dental implant.

How to take care of the new smile: clean the dental implant

Immediate load implantology guarantees total rehabilitation in a few days. The feeling of having your natural teeth again is so strong that you forget to have implants.tooth care

To maintain the sensation and the effectiveness of natural teeth for a long time, it is important not to neglect the care of the dental implant. The first rule, as it is for natural teeth, is hygiene.

Cleaning the dental implant must therefore be a daily habit. The main steps for cleaning a dental implant are:

  • brushing;
  • Use of dental floss;
  • Use of mouthwash;
  • Water Jet;
  • Periodic deep cleaning.


tooth brushingProper brushing of the dental implant starts with choosing a suitable toothbrush. For the care of the dental implant, a soft or medium bristle brush is recommended, because too hard bristles could damage both the implant and the gums.

During the brushing phases, the brush must be oriented at an angle of 45 ° to the dental implant. The movements to be performed start from the gum and go towards the crown of the tooth, always avoid too vigorous brushing.

The upper part of the prosthesis, i.e. the chewing surface, must be cleaned in all its parts, to avoid the accumulation of food residues.

The most delicate part to be treated is the margin between the prosthesis and the gums, in this part it is more likely that plaque and tartar will accumulate with the risk of contracting an infection of the dental implant. To clean the part well, it is important to bring the bristles of the toothbrush into the space between the gum and the tooth and proceed with horizontal movements.

In order to clean the dental implant effectively, you can also use the electric toothbrush, obviously also in this case, paying close attention to the choice of the head with soft bristles.

Dental floss

Dental floss is a very useful tool for thoroughly cleaning the space between the prosthesis and natural teeth. By twisting the floss in the middle finger and holding the floss with thumb and index finger, the tooth is wrapped up forming a “C”. With slight movements it is thus possible to remove the plaque and tartar accumulated in the interdental spaces. Attention however: depending on whether it is a single tooth or the prosthesis of an entire arch, the use of different dental floss is recommended.


Mouthwash is certainly a useful aid to strengthen all dental implant cleaning techniques. The use of mouthwash alone is not enough to clean the dental implant, but alongside brushing and the use of dental floss it makes cleaning much more effective.

Water Jet

It is not commonly used, but the water jet is a useful, effective and particularly recommended tool for fixed prostheses. Use a jet of water to clean teeth and dental implant from food debris. Also in this case it cannot be used to replace the toothbrush.

Periodic visit and other precautions

It is not enough just to clean the dental implant. The care of a dental implant, in addition to cleaning, also includes a series of other precautions. For a long duration of the dental implant it is important to:

  • follow a suitable diet (which is not rich in sugars);
  • plan check-ups and deep cleaning during the year (every six months);
  • report any pain or discomfort to the dental implant to your dentist

With these simple precautions you will guarantee a long life to your smile.

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