periodontal pocket

Periodontal pocket: the curettage technique

The periodontal pocket is a space created between the tooth, gingiva and alveolar bone following the onset of periodontitis. The periodontal pocket can reach a depth of several millimeters depending on the severity of the infection. Read more

replace only one tooth

Replace only one tooth: bridge on natural teeth

The bridge on natural teeth is one of the dental solutions to replace just one tooth. Read more

replant a fallen tooth

Is it possible to replant a fallen tooth?

Replacing a fallen tooth is not science fiction, it is one of the possible options following the release of a tooth due to a traumatic event. However, this type of therapeutic solution is not always applicable, in fact a series of favorable variables must be presented. Read more

back and teeth pain

Back pain and gnathology

Back pain is a very frequent and most often disabling disorder. When the general practitioner is asked about this problem, we often find ourselves directed to the orthopedist or osteopath, more rarely we are led to think that a dentist, or rather a specialist in gnathology, can solve the problem.

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russare bite dentista milano

Snoring is a problem: how to solve it with a bite

Snoring is a widespread problem, as well as being a disorder that can lead to complications for those who suffer from it, it is also a tremendous annoyance for those who sleep next to it. In addition to not enjoying good sleep quality, those suffering from rhonchopathy can suffer from cardiovascular diseases and severe sleep apnea. Read more

wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth: is it always necessary to extract it?

The wisdom tooth or third molar is one of the last elements to appear, usually the eruption of the eighth coincides with the age of majority, that’s why they are called wisdom teeth. The third molars are often, in spite of themselves, involved in numerous pathologies. The most common is that of the included tooth, wisdom teeth in fact do not always have the possibility of erupting in a natural way getting stuck in the gum. Read more

reverse bite dentist milan

Reverse bite: what it is and how to cure it

The reverse bite can be a disease that mainly affects children. Reverse bite or cross bite is defined as the situation in which the teeth of the lower arch protrude, even a few millimeters, with respect to the teeth of the upper arch.
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Alveolitis: what it is and how it is treated

Alveolitis is defined as inflammation of the alveolus, i.e. that part of bone (precisely alveolar bone) of the jaw or jaw where the root of the tooth and the periodontal ligament is positioned.

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Odontophobia: how to deal with the fear of the dentist

Odontophobia is that uncontrolled fear that assails a patient before any dental visit. It is quite common to be assailed by a mild feeling of anxiety before a session at the dentist, but when anxiety turns into anguish, sweating, trembling and a desire to run away, then it is a specific disorder: odontophobia precisely . Read more


Bruxism: damage the teeth unconsciously

Bruxism is a decidedly subtle pathology that can cause multiple damage to the teeth often without real awareness on the part of the person concerned. Read more