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Rejuvenate with dental care: dental veneers and implantology

rejuvenate with dental care

It is not said that to rejuvenate you must necessarily contact a cosmetic surgeon, a good dentist might be enough. The field in which we are going to go is that of cosmetic dentistry, that is the branch of dentistry that deals mainly with the aesthetics of the smile.

Rejuvenate: the role of the smile

The teeth and in general the smile play a fundamental role in defining the appearance of our face. Too thin, damaged or missing teeth have a decisive impact on the facial features.

Tooth wear and wrinkles

Teeth tend to wear out over time. The causes can be different, among the most common we find:

  • bruxism, which erodes the teeth due to the mechanical rubbing between the two arches;
  • wear due to acids present in saliva or due to diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux.

In both cases what happens to the teeth is common: they thin, become shorter and are no longer able to adequately support the lips. The appearance of the face changes drastically: the tissues fall downwards, leaving room for deep wrinkles around the mouth.

Tooth loss and aging

A threat to the aesthetics of the face is also represented by the loss of teeth. rejuvenate with implantologyIn this case the main cause of the imperfection is linked to the phenomenon of bone resorption. As a result of tooth loss, the bone at the root of the lost tooth begins to shrink, until it is completely reabsorbed.

Bone, tooth and root support the lips, therefore, when these three elements fail, it happens that the nose and chin get closer to each other, changing the aesthetic aspect. Looking in the mirror you will have the impression of being much older than your personal age.

How to intervene on the teeth to rejuvenate?

Dental veneers

Both in the case of wear and loss of teeth there is the possibility of remedying thanks to dental care. Cosmetic dentistry can provide a remedy for aging of the face due to wear and tear on the teeth without the need to resort to cosmetic surgery. To restore a youthful appearance to the face, to fill the volume and tone lost due to shorter and thinner teeth, simply apply dental veneers.

Dental veneers are used to restore the eroded part of the tooth, keeping the healthy part. It is a very simple and not at all invasive intervention. The dentist proceeds by applying thin ceramic sheets, with a maximum thickness of 6 mm, on the eroded teeth. The veneers applied to the front of the tooth thus have the function of correcting the imperfection and at the same time improving the chewing functions.

Restoring the natural length and the natural thickness of the teeth provides the tissues with the necessary support, the perioral wrinkles will resize on their own because the skin of the face will return to being smooth and well stretched.


When aging is a consequence of tooth loss and therefore of bone resorption, the sooner we intervene the better. After the tooth has fallen, the jaw bone can drastically decrease by 60% over the first two or three years. To avoid the unpleasant feeling of feeling old and even ugly, you can replace your lost teeth with fixed teeth within 24 hours.

In our dental center we perform over 1000 implantology operations in Milan in a year and many of our patients, in addition to finding the smile and the taste of chewing, have regained their well-being, feeling finally at ease, also thanks to the awareness of one aspect younger.

Thanks to immediate load implantology and the insertion of dental implants, a result equal to a real facelift can be obtained. The fixed teeth that replace the lost ones restore tone and volume to the lips, the wrinkles on the face will no longer be so accentuated, the features will return to appear relaxed and the face much younger.

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