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Brilliant on the tooth: the dentist’s advice

glitter on the tooth

The glitter on the tooth has been a widespread ornament for some time, since it is an aesthetic accessory it is often proposed indiscriminately by hairdressers or beauticians. In this article we try to explain why it would be better to go to a dentist instead.

Brilliant on the tooth and cosmetic dentistry

The application of the glitter on the tooth is in fact a cosmetic dentistry intervention. The procedure for applying the small crystal, usually on one of the upper lateral incisors, is in fact the same that is followed for the application of dental attachments for orthodontics.

The procedure involves etching the enamel, that is, treating the part of the enamel concerned with an acid that makes the surface rough, for a more effective setting of the dentin adhesives.glitter on the tooth

The smooth nature of the enamel would not allow correct application. After the etching phase, the glitter is glued onto the enamel through a specific adhesive composite.

Why is it important that the dentist applies a glitter on the tooth?

The application of the glitter on the tooth involves the need for an operator to intervene with his own hands and other type of instrumentation in the mouth of the person concerned.

This is the first condition to think about when deciding to apply a glitter on the tooth. Contacting an expert in cosmetic dentistry means having the guarantee that the application takes place in a sterile environment, with adequate instrumentation and that the glitter is not easily detached.apply a glitter on the tooth

Carrying out this type of intervention in a specialized dental center offers the opportunity to follow reliable and safe procedures. These include the use of the dam, a purely dental device that has the function of isolating the tooth from the adjacent ones and preventing the patient from inadvertently ingesting the glitter.

The risk behind inexperienced hands

Relying on inexperienced hands instead could involve some risks for oral health:

  • damage to the enamel;
  • oral infections;
  • tissue damage;
  • use of adhesive substances not compliant with dental use.

In addition, in the event that you get tired of having a glitter on the tooth, a dentist will always be able to remove it in complete safety, while inexperienced hands could cause further damage, the most frequent of which are micro-fractures in the enamel.

Contraindications of the glitter on the tooth

Following the application of a glitter on the tooth it is however important to plan constant check-ups from your dentist. The small crystal applied on the enamel represents however a foreign body and could cause small lesions to the soft tissues with which it is in contact.

Small wounds in the oral cavity can expose the patient to a greater chance of contracting infections, which is why it is important to take better care of your oral hygiene. In addition to the correct brushing of the teeth, use the mouthwash at least once a day and monitor or report to your dentist any mucosal wounds near the glitter.

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