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Breastfeeding: how to manage dental care


We have already addressed in another article the importance of prevention and treatment of teeth during the period of pregnancy, equally important is to keep the attention on one’s oral health high even during the period of breastfeeding.

A mother’s biggest concern is the health of her baby, especially in the lactation period, when the parent’s lifestyle habits directly affect the baby.

Particular attention is paid to both nutrition and any drug therapies. In fact, many mothers could neglect dental care precisely because they are afraid of what effects they may have on breastfeeding their child. So let’s do some clarity.

Breastfeeding and dental care

The first thought of a mother who is breastfeeding and at the same time suffering from a caries or gingivitis is: if I medications during breastfeedingdo I undergo dental treatment what effects could drugs or anesthesia have on breast milk?

Neglecting dental care or not making an appointment at the dentist because you are breastfeeding is a very common and widespread mistake, especially among new mothers.

Is breastfeeding anesthesia dangerous?

It is probably the issue that most worries a mom. The anesthesia required for dental therapy has no effect on the health of the child. The innovative dental techniques are much less invasive than in the past, for this reason the quantity of anesthetic required is significantly reduced and quickly disposed of by the body, so as to be completely negligible for the child.

Dental extractions or root canal treatments are therefore accessible, the advice is not to neglect pain or discomfort in the teeth in the postpartum phase, because minor pathologies could instead turn into more serious problems.

Taking medications while breastfeeding

Assunzione di farmaci durante l’allattamento For mothers it is possible to prescribe paracetamol or antibiotics that contain active ingredients that are not harmful to the health of the child, such as amoxicillin. For greater attention to the baby, you can also, as a precaution, avoid breastfeeding the baby in the following four hours after taking the drug.

Orthopedics and breastfeeding

sanident technologyDiagnostic tests performed through radiographs have no impact on breast milk or even on the health of your baby. Furthermore, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, such as those used in our dental center in Milan, have the advantage of minimizing radiation exposure. One more reason to protect not only the health of the baby, but also that of the mother.

So what to do?

The teeth, and more generally the health of the oral cavity, are the basis of the well-being of the whole organism. Bad information can often lead to evaluation errors and leave the dentist’s office for a long time. A mother could breastfeed her own child for more than a year, if this led her not to take care of her teeth, the situation could only get worse.

Always ask. Call, write, come and visit us, we are always available to clarify all your doubts. Before making any decision regarding your health, make sure you are well informed, it is always worth it.

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