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Reduced masticatory function due to periodontitis

reduced masticatory function

The correct masticatory function is determined by the health of the oral cavity and the temporomandibular system. In any case, modern dentistry seeks to preserve natural teeth to avoid damage to the patient even when chewed.

Masticatory function: which elements condition it

gingivitis causes inflammationThe chewing function is determined by the action of the temporomandibular muscles but also by the health of the teeth. A missing tooth or in poor condition, due to tooth decay or periodontitis, it can affect chewing creating many problems.

In particular, in the presence of periodontitis, the periodontium is deteriorated by infection and the stability of the tooth or of the teeth involved can be significantly reduced.

This condition fully falls on the masticatory function because the periodontium acts as a mechanical shock absorber, guaranteeing the right strength in chewing.

Periodontitis reduces masticatory function

With the deterioration of the periodontal ligament the mechanical support to the masticatory force is therefore less. Chewing hard foods becomes much more difficult and could even compromise the stability of the tooth in the alveolus.

This hypothesis is confirmed by a recent study published in the International Journal of Health Science. The research wanted to demonstrate the reduction of chewing force in patients suffering from periodontitis.

The patient sample consisted of 24 subjects divided into two groups of 12 individuals, one group of patients with periodontitis and a group of healthy patients, the average overall age around 50 care savings

In the first analysis the masticatory force was evaluated, in particular the right and left molar areas were considered. Masticatory function was evaluated with an electromyographic examination of temporomandibular muscles.

The patients, for a more accurate analysis, chewed many types of food, diversified in composition and hardness.

Results on impaired masticatory function

On some foods more than on others a significant difference in the masticatory force emerged between patients with periodontitis and the healthy control group.

Raisins, peanuts and biocapsules only foods that have highlighted the difference in masticatory function, in particular on the left molar region.

In addition to the masticatory force, the was also evaluated mobilità dei denti which was variable in patients with periodontitis.oral microbiota and plaque

The health of the oral cavity and in particular the health of the teeth must not therefore be neglected because the implications on the organism can be multiple.

A incorrect chewing it can lead to problems with the digestive tract or be the basis for continuous and acute headaches or back pain.

Periodontitis can be the consequence of a common untreated gingivitis, keeping mouth health under control can avoid unpleasant problems.

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