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Online estimates for implantology: are they reliable?

online events for implantology

It is always easier to buy online and certainly the Internet greatly simplifies our lives by allowing us to interact and acquire information easily and at any time.

Some patients, however, believe that it is equally easy to have a reliable preventative for implantology without leaving home.

Online estimates for implantology: what you need to know

online estimates for implantologyThe criterion that moves us towards online requests is undoubtedly the possibility of having immediate answers and without hassles. But the disappointment is also frequent, in fact it happens that a price found online is not confirmed during the visit. Reason? Prices are standard while a patient, with his teeth, his needs, his clinical picture is unique.

The loss of one or more teeth is to be considered a health condition that requires a specific and specific clinical approach because to fail an implant surgery is not without serious consequences such as the purchase of a product that does not conform to the description.

Online quotes and your clinical case

parts of a dental implantAs anticipated, the online estimates are based on standard solutions, precisely because it is impossible, through the screen, to assess the actual clinical situation of the patient.

So it could happen:

  • an increase in the initial price after the first visit;
  • respect of the initial price of the estimate online but with cheap materials, disused procedures or less experienced doctors who, in exchange for a lower price, do not offer the same guarantees in terms of duration and aesthetics of other solutions.

In the first case the online estimates for implantology are used as a mirror for the skylarks, ie in a first phase of contact they are very low, then following the planning of the intervention they suddenly leaven because the intervention needs and the the patient’s clinical conditions provide solutions that are different from those expected.

In the second case we proceed independently of the specificity of the clinical case, standard solutions are used and the price remains the same. Obviously in this case it is the patient who adapts to the dental procedure and not vice versa. On the other hand, in these circumstances, we rely on the price and little is known about the dentist who will take care of our health.

In the first condition, the expected saving translates into an increase in prices, in the second condition the consequences could be much more serious. The use of only 4 implants may in fact not be sufficient to guarantee a long duration of the prosthesis.

Why visit a dental center

The choice of the center starting from the price leads to a wrong choice and this does not mean choosing the most expensive centers.

A wise choice involves contacting and getting to know one or more centers directly, comparing them, evaluating and finally choosing. Without foreclosure for a center just because it doesn’t offer an online quote.

Who decides to visit one or more dental centers will have the opportunity to evaluate the context in which the intervention will be performed, spaces, waiting room, staff courtesy and many other factors that are important to understand if you are in the right center.

He will also have the opportunity to discuss directly with a dentist and ask him any questions that come to mind. If there are difficult or technical terms in the quote that you know nothing about, you can always ask for clarifications.

Listening with your ears and seeing with your eyes could save you from the nasty surprises of a closed box purchase.

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