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Lip or tongue piercing: what consequences

lip or tongue piercing

A lip or tongue piercing is an aesthetic habit that could cost dearly to the health of our mouth.
In fact, few investigate the consequences that a piercing on the lips or tongue can have on the mucous structures of the mouth and on the teeth.

Fashion is fashion and if you really can’t do without piercing, read this article completely to get an idea of the problems that could arise.

What risks are faced by those who decide to do a lip or tongue piercing

Recently the scientific literature in the dental field has deepened what could be the negative effects of a piercing near the oral cavity. In particular, researchers from the University of Amsterdam summarized in a single research published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, the multiple opinions lip or tongue piercingscientific literature on the relationship between lip or tongue piercings and health risks.

The analysis showed that a piercing on the lips or tongue quadruples the risk of a gingival recession, i.e. the withdrawal of the gums towards the root of the tooth. A tongue piercing can also cause abrasions or microfractures of the teeth.

The incidence of gingival recessions is recorded at 50% in subjects with lip piercings and 44% in those with tongue piercings. Fractures, chipping, cracks and abrasions to the teeth were recorded in 26% of people with lip piercings and in 37% of people with tongue piercings.

Then there are further complications that can be registered, here are some:

  • Swelling and pain: of the affected part that can cause problems in chewing or swallowing
  • Infections: a foreign body in the oral cavity, like a piercing, can be a vehicle for numerous bacteria
  • Mucosal damage: with the risk of oral cancer
  • Blood diseases: an oral piercing increases the chance of contracting hepatitis
  • Inflammation of the valves or cardiac tissues: the piercing wound can carry bacteria that are found in the mouth directly into the blood and reach the heart through the blood

From a dental point of view, this series of complications connected with oral and perioral piercings cannot certainly be completely ignored. The scientific community therefore expresses a serious concern about the actual risks of a fashion very popular among young children.

For those who have already decided to apply a piercing on the lips or tongue, the advice is to always monitor the situation of the oral cavity with periodic check-ups, while for those oriented to this type of choice it is advisable to consult your dentist to evaluate the risks and possibly prevent possible damage.

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