Implants after extraction: when is it possible?

Inserting implants after tooth extraction means using the special technique of post-extractive implantology. This type of intervention can be particularly complex, let’s see why.

What does it mean to insert the implants after extraction?

Post-extractive implantology is characterized by the possibility of inserting dental implants in place of one or more teeth extracted in the same session.

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Unlike those implant operations that do not include teeth to be extracted and whose planning in detail allows the dentist to plan in advance all the phases of implant insertion, when there are teeth to be extracted and replaced immediately with implants (hence the name post-extractive implantology) variations due to the extraction of the teeth that modify the starting clinical picture may occur.

In fact, after the teeth have been ejected, the dentist may find himself in front of an unexpected situation, which is why it is fundamental that a professional with a long-term experience performs the operation.

In which cases can implants be inserted after extraction?

Performing a post-extractive implant surgery is likely to present complications, for this reason, before proceeding with the insertion of the implants after extraction, it is good that the patient presents an adequate clinical condition.

In reality, there is no specific clinical condition that allows the selection of patients who can undergo post-extraction implantology, but there are surgeons-dentists with so much experience and mastery that they can also manage complications.

Furthermore, tooth extraction will leave a gap that will have dimensions and characteristics that are difficult to measure before extraction itself. Hence the need to rely on a center equipped with a wide range of dental implants to choose from based on need.

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Choosing an excellent dental center, in which both qualified professionals and a large supply of dental implants are present, means that the patient has access to the best solution for his clinical case, even if complex.

Post-extraction implant insertion phases

The stages of implant insertion after extraction are very delicate and require experience.

Once the tooth or teeth have been avulsed, the dentist cleans the alveolus from all residues: it is very important that the alveolus is not damaged in any way during extraction.

Once the implant site has been prepared, the best implant is chosen for the particular anatomy of each individual patient. Once this has been done, the procedure follows all the steps that are normally performed for immediate loading implant surgery.

Post-extractive implantology allows the teeth to be extracted in a single session and replaced with new and fixed teeth. The important thing is to rely on the right hands.