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Halitosis, can you fight?


Have you tried with mint candies, those with aromatic herbs, chewingum at any time but nothing, the problem persists. We immediately comfort you by saying that about 25% of the population suffers from it, but knowing the causes and remedies, you can counteract it.

HalitosisBeing here is already an important step because you understand that you have a problem or better you have come to know about it. Those who suffer from halitosis, in fact, hardly realize it immediately; however, it is easier for people around you to notice it first, who often do not expose themselves out of modesty or lack of confidence.

Halitosis: the causes

To fight the enemy you must first know him, then let’s see what we are talking about: halitosis is an emission of foul-smelling breath that indiscriminately affects children and adults and is increasingly frequent with advancing age. Could be transient, when it is caused by foods such as garlic and onion (but also alcohol and smoking affect the problem, as well as drugs that reduce salivation), or it can be persistent; in this case it is necessary to understand if it originates in the organism (systemic, pulmonary or digestive pathologies) or if it is directly linked to the oral cavity, as happens in 90% of cases.

The numerous cavities of the mouth can be the perfect hideout for the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria, which live in the absence of oxygen and which, under certain conditions, develop sulfur-based gases. This is the reason for the bad smell. Where do these bacteria live?

  • on the tongue, in particular on the innermost part, much less oxygenated than the external part
  • on the cheeks
  • on the tonsils
  • on the teeth

In this list you will surely find something you didn’t expect, your teeth, and you will be wondering how they cause halitosis. The reality is that the teeth can directly affect bad breath when they host caries in more or less serious stages, in this case in addition to an annoying smell it is possible that you also experience an unpleasant taste in the mouth, the signal of a possible infection.

Unfortunately, the teeth also lend themselves indirectly to the proliferation of bacteria by hosting food residues in particular in the cavities that are created between prostheses and gingival apparatus and in the interdental spaces where, together with bacteria, plaque and tartar can also live in harmony.

Halitosis: remedies

If you take care of your oral hygiene daily you should still undergo a tartar ablation session at least once a year. And here are some tips:

  • brush your teeth but don’t forget to brush the brush gently over your tongue too;
  • supplement your diet with fiber, cereals and vegetables;
  • drinking is also good for solving this problem. Dry mouth and oral cavity contribute to the emergence of halitosis;
  • fluoride toothpaste fights the proliferation of plaque and tartar which are responsible for halitosis.

However, remember that occasional halitosis is normal, persistent halitosis may be an indication of more serious problems. Speaking of the mouth, remember that bad breath can be a sign of bad teeth. For this reason we advise you not to underestimate this “signal” not only to solve an embarrassing problem but also not to aggravate an oral situation probably at risk.

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