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Faq: implantology in pills

The most common questions and patient curiosities collected here in an article. “Implantology in 11 pills”: immediate load surgery can resolve total or partial edentulism in a very short time, it is not painful if you rely on expert hands and it takes place in conscious sedation, the safety of the result depends on the experience of the implantologist and on the diagnostic tools used by the dental office. These are just some of the answers, otherwise just read on!

1. I would like to implant fixed teeth. Where do I start?

first dental visitThe first step is to go to the dentist. From the first visit, the specialist will acquire the necessary and sufficient information for the formulation of a diagnosis and will assess your suitability for immediate loading, explaining the treatment process and the times and formulating a personalized quote. The dental practice that uses high profile diagnostic tools such as the Tac Cone Beam will be able to know your situation in detail: the very high definition images and their transposition on the monitor will allow 3D visualization of the upper and lower jaw, the acquisition of specific data, such as bone thickness and height, planning interventional surgery with the definition of the type of implants to be used.
The next step will consist of immediate load surgery and the achievement of the result within 24-72 hours: firstly the positioning of the implants in conscious sedation, secondly the positioning of the fixed prostheses, a few hours from the previous step.
The steps to be taken are essentially three, summarizing:

  1. preliminary visit
  2. intervention with immediate loading (with positioning of implants and fixed prostheses in 24/72 hours)
  3. post-intervention (checking and replacing the temporary fixed prostheses with the stable fixed ones). This last phase consists of a check-up visit a few days after the intervention and a further recall after 3 or 6 months for the replacement of the temporary fixed prostheses with the definitive ones.

2. Possible in 24 hours?

immediate loading: fixed teeth in 24/72 hoursYup. The question, the tone of which we feel incredulous, has an affirmative answer. Implantology, which has evolved over time, has adopted new techniques capable of reducing expectations for the patient and ensuring fixed teeth in 24 hours. It is not our invention, many scientific researches have confirmed that, if you follow well defined methodologies, you can mount the fixed prosthesis right away. With immediate loading, you will get perfectly functioning teeth and no danger of “rejection”, as in the fears of many patients. To ensure the success of the intervention, the quality and innovation of the dental implants built to guarantee the integration between the implant and the bone, the high precision technologies that guarantee a pre-surgical design and an in-depth evaluation of the “dental case” , the experience of implantologists who, in order, holds the first place.

3. Possible without pain?

Here too the answer is yes. The implant surgery commonly takes place in conscious sedation and leaving no bad memory. Conscious sedation ensures a state of relaxation and the lowering of the tension level while keeping you alert and participatory. Its administration takes place through a mask and the inhalation of nitrous oxide which gradually releases a diffused sense of relaxation, the same gas, at the end of the intervention, is eliminated from the body through the inhalation of a little oxygen . Even post-surgery, thanks to less and less invasive procedures, is generally pain-free.

4. Denture or fixed prosthesis?

The denture is not a long-term solution, it is mobile and does not protect patients from bone resorption. The advantage of dental implants is multiple: it is a long-term solution (it can also last a lifetime), fixed (while the denture is mobile and causes discomfort on the gum) and prevents bone resorption thanks to the insertion of the implants that act as new roots for artificial teeth.

5. When can I resume my normal life following a dental implant?

sport after implant surgery
With immediate loading implantology you will have fixed teeth in 24-72 hours and you can resume normal normal activities, such as eating, right away. If you are a sportsman, you can start playing sports immediately but gradually, you will certainly not be able to participate in a marathon! Not immediately after the surgery, at least.

6. Will my implanted teeth look natural?

Absolutely yes, the difference between natural and implanted teeth will be imperceptible, so much so that the new fixed teeth will seem as natural.

7. Can implantology cause problems with adjacent teeth?

Unlike other prosthetic solutions, such as bridges, implantology does not affect adjacent teeth and this is a great advantage for healthy teeth that are still firmly in the mouth. In the case of bridges, the adjacent teeth, although healthy, are filed and this causes biological damage of no small importance.

8. Do you need an implant for every lost tooth?

An implant can also be made for a single missing tooth, especially if this is visible and creates discomfort. In rare cases, 2 implants may be needed for a single tooth since some molars have a double root and are subjected to a greater load. Often, however, it is possible to resort to an intervention called “all on 4” or just 4 implants to hold an entire prosthesis of 10-12 teeth.

9. How to choose the right implantologist?

Choosing the right specialist to rely on for a surgery like this is not easy, here we have collected some useful advice: a handbook for choosing the right clinic, here are some tips on what to evaluate.

10. I have pyorrhea, can I have implants?

In case of pyorrhea or gingival inflammation, the dentist must first treat the state of inflammation and then you can proceed with the insertion of the implants. One of our articles will give you more information if you suffer from periodontitis and have mobile teeth.

11. What are the factors that contribute to a long life of the dental implant?

Among the factors that guarantee the long life of an implant: the experience of the implantologist who will carry out the surgery, the good quality of the dental implants, periodic checks by the dentist, dental hygiene. We add important information: Sanident dental implants are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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