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Dental implants: a world to discover


With this article we think of patients who will soon have to resort to dental implantology and who want to know more about how the surgery takes place and the guarantees they will receive. We therefore provide a small “bignami” on the treatment process and some “pills” on how to choose the right dental center.

The treatment in 5 steps

In a few points we summarize what is the procedure for a good implantology treatment, according to Sanident consolidated practice considering the pre and post-intervention:

dental visit for personalized quote

  1. the very first approach with the patient consists of a specialist visit. Our center boasts several implant surgeons, all with a high degree of specialization in implantology and dental surgery. The visit is generally accompanied by an orthopanorama that will allow us to make a diagnosis. In some specific cases required by the intervention, a 3D Tac Cone Beam will be performed.
  2. After a certain diagnosis, the implant dentist will present the patient with a treatment plan and the relative estimate with the details of each individual item. Upon acceptance of the estimate, the day of the intervention will be fixed.
  3. Arrived on the agreed day, the patient will be accompanied to the dedicated surgical room. In a few hours, any teeth to be extracted will be extracted and the implants positioned according to what is programmed by the surgeon. The surgery will be pain free and the patient will be able to leave the study on their own.
  4. Within 24 hours, a fixed prosthesis will be fixed to the implants. In most cases the patient does not feel pain and can go back to eating solid foods (albeit selected) immediately.
  5. For post-surgery, Sanident recommends that the patient check and check regularly: the periodic check must take place with a periodicity of 6-8 months; Dental hygiene is very important, especially for the prevention of more serious problems. Sanident reserves a discounted price for its patients for dental hygiene.

Dental implants: what guarantees for the patient?

When the patient undergoes an important intervention, such as tooth reconstruction, he needs to receive guarantees. To ensure an excellent result, Sanident makes use of the collaboration of dentists specialized in implantology and regenerative surgery (many of them have obtained masters abroad and have spoken as speakers in conferences and courses on the implantology theme), first-class implants (Straumann , Nobel, Dentsply) and equipped surgical rooms. Not only that, all Sanident dental implants, without exception, are covered by an international lifetime guarantee accompanied by a personal certificate.

Vademecum to choose the right clinic

satisfied patients

The dental implant is an important surgical intervention whose success depends on the experience of the implant doctor, on the choice of materials, on the equipment used. A dental implantology operation is said to be successful when the patient obtains a visible result immediately (perfectly functioning teeth), with a guarantee of long life.
The above items, satisfied patient and successful intervention, will be satisfied only if the clinic has the presence of specialist implantologists and a complete and qualified staff, if it has advanced equipment.
Here is what you should find in the clinic to entrust your oral health:

  • pleasant environment with experienced and qualified doctors;
  • implantology specialist;
  • presence of multiple specialists in the same facility (implantologist, cardiologist, anesthesiologist and others);
  • state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and staff reading the report (radiologist). An example of the latest generation technological tool is the 3D CT scan which allows precise programming of the intervention;
  • environments and equipment sterilized according to strict protocols;
  • many satisfied patients: how many patients have already referred to the same clinic for implant surgery? With what success rate?
  • resorting to conscious sedation techniques;
  • post intervention recall and control protocol.

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