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Contraindications for implantology: what you need to know

contraindications for implantology

A patient looking for information on dental implants often asks a question: what contraindications for implantology? Let’s try to give an exhaustive answer in this article.

Contraindications for implantology

contraindications for implantologyThe cases of “ideal patient” for implantology are less than 20%. By ideal patient we mean a patient who has a healthy mouth, a good general clinical picture and an excellent thickness and density of the jaw bone.

The remaining 80% instead presents more or less serious situations ranging from gum infections to caries up to complex clinical conditions such as, for example, bone atrophy.

Like all surgical interventions, the insertion of dental implants also hasrisks, especially for patients who, in addition to dental pathologies, have other types of diseases that could represent contraindications for implantology.

Contraindications to dental implant surgery are mainly due to:

  • cardiovascular problems
  • oncological diseases
  • autoimmune diseases
  • psychiatric diseases
  • diabetes
  • osteoporosis

In one of these conditions listed above it is always a good idea to consult a competent dentist before undertaking an operation. Dentistry continues to make enormous progress and today, for example, thanks to innovative surgical techniques it is possible to undergo minimally invasive implant surgery, without trauma and without excessive bleeding.

The minimally invasive surgery also allows a person suffering of diabetes, who is however clinically monitored, to be able to undergo an operation to insert the implants with immediate loading.hypertension

Therefore, some contraindications for implantology can find a solution through innovative dental techniques, the important thing is always to turn to competent professionals who have a lot of experience in the field.

Are there any contraindications for implantology that can be overcome?

If the contraindications to the intervention involve dental pathologies that can be treated, the dentist will indicate specific treatments before proceeding with the insertion of dental implants.

Proceeding with implant surgery in the presence of gum disease, caries or other pathologies can determine, excluding much more serious complications, the lack of osseointegration and the consequent implant failure.

Cardiovascular disorders

Cardiovascular diseases appear among the main contraindications. Arrhythmias, heart valve problems, post-infarcted or people with unstable angina, patients with high blood pressure … There are various pathologies that affect or are related to the heart and must be monitored before planning an implant treatment.

These are not absolute contraindications, or those that prevent intervention, but situations that must be managed and that do not compromise the success of the intervention.

At Sanident the cardiologist will check the patient’s suitability for the operation and / or recommend specific treatments.

Bone atrophy

Another contraindication that can be overcome is bone atrophy. Often the lack of bone is considered a condition that does not allow the insertion of dental implants with immediate loading. Also in this case experience, competence and innovative dental techniques make the difference.

In the presence of bone atrophy it is in fact possible to proceed with thezygomatic i mplantology.milan zygomatic implantology

Zygomatic implantology is an innovative dental technique that allows dental implants to be anchored directly to the cheekbones and replace an entire dental arch with a simple operation.


Other contraindications

Smoking, alcohol, diabetes, neurological diseases, bisphosphonate treatments or even pregnancy. There are many clinical cases that we find ourselves facing every day, each patient is a case in itself, each patient is followed and visited by medical specialists who can guarantee maximum patient safety.

Experience and the use of cutting-edge technologies can therefore make the difference, there is no clinical case that cannot be submitted to the evaluation of a competent dentist, it will be his task to find the best solution suited to your clinical situation.

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