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Cervical pain and dentistry: which correlation

cervical pain and teeth

Cervical pain is an annoying complication, many resort to drugs to alleviate it, but few try to investigate the root causes that determine it, including those related to dental problems.

Why can cervical pain depend on teeth?

cervical painThe neck and the cervical area are a very delicate part of the body.

The neck has the function of supporting the head and is the terminal part of the spine. When we speak of cervical pain, in medical terms cervicalgia, we mean precisely the soreness, more or less deep, of the seven short bones that allow the rotation of the head.

Cervical pain is not limited to the affected area, often involves other parts of the body such as the upper and lower limbs, can generate strong headaches and even nausea.

As we mentioned, the first remedy is to resort to anti-inflammatory drugs, but it would be more useful to investigate the deep origin of cervicalgia.

On some causes, such as cervical osteoarthritis, it is almost impossible to intervene, because it is a degenerative pathology that involves the thinning of the intervertebral discs and, consequently, the compression of the vertebrae of the spine.

In other cases, the causes of cervical pain can be identified in other reversible and therefore corrected or cured pathologies.

Malocclusion and cervical pain

Cervical column, head, neck, mandible together represent a complex and correlated system, a small problem in one of these parts can affect the entire posture and health of the organism. Any condition that affects the mouth, particularly dental arches, upper and lower jaw, can therefore have an impact on the entire body.cervical pain and teeth

Problems malocclusion, that is of misalignment between upper and lower dental arch, can cause cervico mandibular skull problems and therefore also cervical pain.

Taking a concrete example, we can affirm that a patient with a deep bite can present problems of cervical lordosis, while a patient with an open bite will present a cervical straightening, ie the loss of the normal cervical curvature.

The cranial mandibular balance is specific for each patient, a missed balance in the mandibular occlusion will therefore have very different repercussions between patient and patient, for this it is essential to approach personalized dental therapies.

Postural occluded semeiotics

Postural occluded semeiotics is a medical discipline whose purpose is to analyze the dysfunctions of the cranio-cervical system and to diagnose which are of dental competence and which of another type of competence (physiatrics, optometrics …). Investigate the causes of cervical pain and allow the dentist to intervene, for example through the orthodontic therapies useful to correct malocclusions, it means recovering psychophysical well-being.

Correcting the missed alignment between the dental arches can eliminate the origin of the cervical pain and of the muscle tensive headaches, intervening directly on the cause and not on the symptoms, as often mistakenly happens.

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