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Helicobacter pylori: gastritis and tooth infection

helicobacter pylori

Helicobacter pylori is a negative spiral yam bacterium which is transmitted via the fecal-oral route, in this particular bacterium the correlation between tooth infection and gastritis is also recognized.

Helicobacter pylori colonies and infections

The proliferation of helicobacter pylori in the human organism can give rise to different pathologies, united in fact by the same typology of bacterium:

Recent research published in the Journal of Peridodontology, conducted by the University of Khobar, in Saudi Arabia, has shown that the presence of helicobacter pylori in the stomach may be an alarm bell due to the presence of the same bacterium within the oral cavity. This would lead to the onset of infections affecting the teeth and soft tissues.

Correlation between gastritis and tooth infection

The link between the presence of helicobacter pylor in the stomach and the occurrence of oral pathologies has been demonstrated by examining a sample of 100 patients, on which cross-surveys were performed.

As a first step, some general patient data were collected:

  • age of patients;
  • gender;
  • state of oral hygiene;
  • habits (smoking, diet …).dental visit for personalized quote

The second phase of the research was characterized by a dental examination for all 100 patients involved, in which the presence of the following pathologies was noted:

  • caries;
  • bacterial plaque;
  • gum bleeding;
  • devitalized teeth;
  • edentulous;
  • periodontal pockets;
  • periodontitis.

In the third phase of the research, a saliva sample was taken from all patients. Saliva analysis allows to detect the presence of helicobacter pylori in the oral cavity. Subsequently, the 100 patients underwent gastroscopy to verify the presence of the same bacterium in the stomach.

Helicobacter pylori: the results of the research

Helicobacter PyloriThe analysis of the research data showed that helicobacter pylori was present in the stomach in 34.2% of patients and only in 5% of cases was found in the oral cavity.

In patients with gastritis, in which the bacterium was present in the stomach, a greater number of oral pathologies emerged and in particular of decayed teeth or lost teeth.

While the presence of gastritis has never been associated with gingival bleeding, periodontitis or the presence of gum pockets.

These are results that require further confirmatory studies, but it can certainly be affirmed that patients suffering from gastritis and in which the presence of helicobacter pylori has been detected in the stomach, have a certain predisposition to develop infections in the oral cavity and in particular caries.

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