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Bone density: determining factor for implantology

bone density implantology milan

Good bone density is an optimal requirement for facing an immediate load implant surgery because it guarantees a greater probability of success in the osseointegration process of the dental implant.

Bone density and primary stability

Before undergoing an implant surgery, the patient undergoes an initial check-up visit.

A necessary first step because, thanks to the first visit, the dentist can learn more about the patient’s clinical history and evaluate all the necessary requirements for the intervention to be successful.

milan dental implants

One of the fundamental parameters for the success of an implant surgery is good primary stability, quality of the jaw bone which includes bone density and thickness.

State-of-the-art diagnostic tools combined with the expertise of dentistry allow the patient’s bone density and thickness to be assessed with millimeter precision and to establish, already in the planning phase of the intervention, what type of dental implants to use.

New technologies for measuring bone density

Technological tools for dentistry continue to evolve to facilitate the dentist’s work and at the same time make the relationship between dentist and patient less and less traumatic.

New technologies are also being developed for the measurement of bone density, such as the implant micromotor.

It is a probe that is used in the preparation phase for the insertion of dental implants. The probe inserted in the implant sulcus defines the bone density and the degree of primary stability with extreme precision.

increase the primary stability implantology milan

The advantage of the implant micromotor is to provide extremely objective results, in fact, from studies carried out to validate the effectiveness of the instrument, it emerged that the measurement of bone density is independent of the operator using the probe, thus also demonstrating the reliability and repeatability of measurements.

Advantages of the implant micromotor

From the tests carried out to assess with what degree of reliability this innovative technological tool could be used in dentistry, it emerged that the implant micromotor can represent for the implantologist an instrument capable of further improving the preparation of the implant site.

As this is a diagnostic test that is performed at the exact moment in which you are operating, it allows for an intra-operative and site-specific assessment of bone density. A measurement that allows you to intervene in the running and modulate the subsequent phases of the intervention, such as the choice of implants and insertion technique.

Evaluations that remain extremely delicate and that cannot be separated from the necessary high specialization and competence of the dentist. The human factor and clinical competence always remain decisive even in the use of cutting-edge technologies.

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