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Bisphenol A. Dangerous for children’s teeth too?

Can bisphenol A (abbreviated to BPA) really pose a problem for the health of children and their teeth?

Perhaps not everyone is aware of this substance, used to create many plastic materials and objects, which many studies in the past have declared toxic and dangerous.

Every day we find ourselves in contact with objects that contain bisphenol A, such as jars, cans and containers of various kinds (such as baby bottles), and it has been ascertained that there is a risk that this substance pollutes the foods contained inside the wrap and enter our body.

Many experts have always said that ingestion could be a fairly serious problem, given the toxicity of the compound, which could cause disturbances and also indirectly compromise health.

What are the damages that a high concentration of bisphenol A could cause?

Bisphenol, in fact, can give neurological problems, weaken the immune system, increase the chances of breast cancer for women and could be the cause of obesity, diabetes, male infertility.

Bisphenol pit could also significantly weaken the dental enamel as it can compromise the mineralization of the teeth. The most affected subjects would be childrenchildren's tooth enamel since they, in fact, are at a decisive age for the growth of the dentition and, in particular, for the formation of the enamel. Bisphenol acts on the teeth and increases the risk of MIH (or Molar incisor hypomineralisation), a disease that affects the teeth and increases the risk of dental erosion.

Why are children the preferred victims of bisphenol A?

Among all, children are certainly the subjects who would be most at risk of contracting the disease we have just talked about, MIH, because the mineralization of the teeth begins around the eighth month of life and continues until about 5 years of age. It is quite evident that in case of MIH contraction, a significant amount of ameloblasts, the cells destined for the formation of dental enamel, will be destroyed by the disease during this phase of growth of the child.

Over time, however, the toxicity of bisphenol A has increasingly come to the surface so as to induce the authorities to issue legislative measures in order to control and contain the concentrations of BPA within the established limits and to avoid any danger to health. The EU has therefore banned the production of baby bottles with bisphenol A, starting from March 2011, precisely because children are the subjects most at risk.

In addition, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) also stated in 2015 that there is no risk related to exposure to bisphenol A, since its concentrations are 3 to 5 times lower than the daily dose tolerable by an individual. .


Thanks to what is established by the EU, which has banned the use of bisphenol A in the production of bottles, also reducing its concentration in other objects (now 3 to 5 times below the tolerable dose), parents can sleep peacefully: health and, in particular, the teeth of their children are safe as this substance no longer poses a threat.

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