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Dental prostheses: fixed prostheses and removable prostheses. Which one to choose?

resistance of zirconia dental prostheses

When you lose one or more teeth you can suffer, most of the time, a psychological repercussion. But what happens specifically? Our smile is no longer the same, we begin to lose self-confidence and avoid any dinner out with friends or even relatives. This behavior, over time, becomes a real torture. Dental prostheses represent the […]

Removable prosthesis or implantology: which to choose?

Milan denture or implantology

Dentures or skeletons, technically mobile prostheses, and implantology are the two main alternatives to tooth loss. When faced with the need to replace one or more teeth, it is very likely that you will enter a state of agitation and anxiety: how much will it cost? Will I solve the problem permanently? Is the mobile […]