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Saliva ejector: an indispensable element for the dental practice

saliva ejector dentist milan

Anyone who has entered a dental office at least once cannot have done without experiencing the thrill of contact with a saliva ejector. The saliva aspirator is in fact an essential tool in any dental office or dental clinic.

Whether it is a root canal treatment or a complex implant surgery, the saliva ejector, whose cannula is positioned inside the patient’s oral cavity, serves to guarantee the dentist the optimal condition to proceed with the intervention.

dental technologies

Why aspirate saliva?

In one day we produce on average one and a half liters of saliva. Saliva has a decisive function inside the mouth, but also for the health of the organism.

In fact, saliva helps us digest properly and keeps the humidity of the oral cavity constant, a condition thanks to which we can breathe and speak correctly.

During a dental treatment, however, saliva could complicate the dentist’s work because:

  • excess saliva limits the visibility of the areas where the dentist works;
  • it could be a vehicle for infections by transporting bacteria into the oral cavity;
  • the dentist’s instruments, if excessively wet with saliva, could lose adhesion.

The role of the saliva ejector is precisely to avoid this type of impediment and make the mouth a dry place where the dentist can operate effectively.

inflammation of the gum

The importance of saliva ejectors

The degree of innovation of the instruments present in a dental practice and the specialized skills of the operators who work there often mark the difference between small dental practices and clinics of excellence.

As with other dental instruments, innovation and technology make the difference for the saliva ejector.

In cutting-edge dental clinics, where even very complex interventions are performed, such as that ofimmediate loading implantology, there are surgical aspirators able to guarantee a constant level in the suction speed, not only of saliva but also of any fluids, such as blood, or small debris deriving from surgical operations.

The reduced space of the oral cavity requires the maximum possible visibility for the entire duration of a surgery, just as it is crucial that the entire area in which the surgery is performed is constantly free of humidity.

This is why it is essential that the saliva ejector is technologically advanced, to guarantee the patient’s full safety even during complex operations or those that may last longer than expected.

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