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Replace only one tooth: bridge on natural teeth

replace only one tooth

The bridge on natural teeth is one of the dental solutions to replace just one tooth.

Many tend to overlook the problem of loss of only one tooth, especially if it is one of the back teeth and the space left empty does not have a great impact on aesthetics.

A rather wrong attitude because not replacing a single tooth has consequences on different aspects of oral health and not only.

Not replacing a single tooth in fact changes the masticatory functions and can generate malocclusion problems.

How to replace a single tooth?

One of the options to replace a single tooth is the bridge on natural teeth. This particular dental solution involves the replacement of a single tooth through a prosthesis anchored on the two natural teeth in proximity.

It is a fixed bridge, but by choosing this option it is essential to compromise the two adjacent natural teeth, even if perfectly healthy, in fact they constitute the two pillars on which the fixed partial prosthesis is fixed.

replace only one tooth

The procedure for replacing a single tooth across the bridge on natural teeth is as follows: the abutment teeth are reduced to a stump, the two capsules to which the prosthesis is attached are fixed to them, which will take the place of the empty space left by the fallen tooth.

To make it easier to understand the structure of the bridge on natural teeth, just think of two lateral pillars that support the suspended dental element that will fill the empty space.

Replace only one tooth at the expense of two natural teeth

The natural tooth grinding operation is the price to pay to replace a single tooth.

The natural teeth in support of the dental bridge must be, among other things, in good health: a pillar tooth that does not have good roots could compromise the success of the entire operation.

In presenza di una carie a uno dei denti che costituiranno i pilastri del ponte, è necessario procedere prima con la devitalizzazione del dente e poi con l’inserimento del ponte dentale.

tooth moving


When it is convenient to use the bridge on natural teeth

The main advantage of the bridge is that it guarantees function and comfort. It is a fixed prosthesis that will not let you perceive any difference with natural teeth.

However, although the bridge is a good solution to replace a missing tooth, the need to work on healthy teeth is one of the main disadvantages.

The bridge on natural teeth is certainly advisable for those with supporting teeth with already compromised crowns, but with strong roots.

Although each patient is unique, each case in its own right and therefore requires an assessment of the specific case, in general it is avoided to sacrifice natural healthy teeth, so the solution of the bridge on natural teeth to replace a single tooth is usually taken in consideration if the pillar teeth have some characteristics:

In these cases, or in similar cases, the bridge on natural teeth is one of the recommended solutions.

In presenza di denti completamente sani e in ottima salute, sarebbe meglio optare per la sostituzione del dente con un singolo impianto dentale.

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