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Implantology in 24 hours: how is it possible?

implantology in 24 hours

A 24-hour implant surgery is a relatively recent achievement in dentistry that allows you to have fixed teeth in a single day.

If until some time ago bridges and removable prostheses were among the most accredited solutions to deal with tooth loss, today implantology offers definitive and long-lasting solutions.

Many patients think that the statement “fixed teeth in 24 hours” is only an advertisement, in reality it is the actual result of what in dentistry is called immediate load implantology.

How is it possible to have fixed teeth in 24 hours

Let’s take a small step back and try to understand what the implantology technique consists of and how it has evolved to ensure the patient has fixed teeth in a few hours.

Implantology consists of implanting a screw in the bone that replaces the root of the missing tooth and the prostheses, the so-called “loads” of the implant are subsequently inserted on this screw.

implantology in 24 hoursIf before it was considered appropriate to wait 3 to 6 months before inserting the dental prostheses to respect the natural osseointegration process (in fact in this case we speak of delayed-loading implantology), today it is possible to apply the implant loads in one sitting.

Implantology in 24 hours is possible thanks to multiple and innovative implants whose characteristics: roughness, length, shape, size, promote osseointegration and therefore allow immediate loading. Not only. Technology has made it possible to see what was previously hidden from the dentist’s eye; CAD-CAM systems allow the implantologist to evaluate bone conformation and density, to plan the intervention and to identify the points where there is greater stability.

In a specialized implantology center, immediate loading is also applied on more complex cases. The possibility of using different implants, in fact, allows an expert dentist to choose the most suitable implant for the clinical case in front of him, experience and innovative materials will allow the dentist to firmly anchor the screws in the residual bone and apply the loads guaranteeing the patient fixed teeth in 24 hours without invasive and complex interventions.

Returning to smile and chewing in 24 hours” is therefore not a mirror for larks, but it is equally true that it is not always possible to use this technique and not all dentists recommend or practice immediate loading.

Immediate load implantology requires considerable experience in the field of dentistry and also of particular investments in the field of research of advanced technologies and innovative materials.

Sanident is a highly specialized center precisely because it makes use of a complete medical staff (dentists, dental technicians …) and technological tools (scanners, 3D software, milling machines …) able to follow all the phases of the intervention: from initial assessment to design of the intervention, from the realization of prostheses and supports up to its application. Implantology in 24 hours is feasible, Sanident guarantees.

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