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If the implantology intervention fails, what happens?

implantology fails

The implantology intervention fails with a frequency of more or less 5 cases per 100. There is no denying the evidence of statistics. The professionalism that distinguishes us requires us above all transparency.

We also record cases of implant failure in our dental center in Milan, but we offer interested patients a second possibility, which leads to the definitive solution of the problem.

Why does the implantology intervention fail?

As we have already underlined in other articles, implant failure is often confused with implant rejection. Given that the rejection of the implant does not exist, an implantology intervention fails in the short term when, for various reasons:

  1. adequate primary stability is not achieved, ie the implant inserted has moved, even minimally, from its position;
  2. osseointegration does not occur after 3-6 months, i.e. the solid bond between tooth and implant;
  3. when the situation is particularly delicate and one operates in a higher risk situation.

milan implantologyDuring the planning phase of some more complex interventions, for example, it is not possible to foresee particular conditions which then occur during the surgical phase. Similarly, immediate failure can occur if gingival infections are ongoing.

On the other hand, implant surgery is included as late implant failure which fails after months due to various factors, including neglected oral hygiene and the onset of peri-implantitis.

Sanident always remedies implant failure

Regardless of what the causes of implant surgery fail, we always offer a solution. Care and attention for the patient is what makes us an excellent dental center. What makes us different from a common dentist in Milan is the possibility of being a single reference for the patient: from diagnostics to post-surgery.

That’s why even after the implant surgery we will take care of planning a calendar of check-ups to monitor the health of the dental implant. We provide all our patients with specific indications for the care of the implant and we are always available for any doubts or further information.

If implantology fails, therefore, we will always have a solution.

Milan dentistWhat we guarantee to all our patients is that they will never be forced to make a pilgrimage between the different dental offices, our center in via Settembrini, 6 in Milan will always be the center to turn to for any type of problem. This translates into safety and reliability for the patient.

The clinical history of each patient is in fact continuously monitored by our medical staff, from the day of the first visit until the time of complete rehabilitation. We make it a matter of trust, because even if the implantology intervention fails, no patient will ever be left to himself. Having a competent medical staff at your disposal who knows every clinical case is a not inconsiderable advantage.

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