obesità e salute orale

Obesità e funzione masticatoria

L’obesità è un problema di salute gravemente diffuso nella società occidentale con un’incidenza sempre più in aumento su alcune funzioni fisiologiche degli individui, in particolare si evidenzia una forte correlazione tra obesità e funzione masticatoria.

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teeth health diet

The diet that is good for our teeth: smile-friendly foods

Dental health also depends on good nutrition: a balanced diet helps us to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth.

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consequences of high-protein diet

High-protein diet: halitosis and other consequences

The high-protein diet has been a very relevant trend in recent years. However, behind the possibility of losing weight in a short time there is always the risk of serious contraindications for the body. In order to stay healthy and balanced, our body needs different nutrients. When the right proportion of foods is unbalanced in favor of one or the other, multiple problems can arise.

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food disorders

Eating disorders and impact on dental health

Eating disorders are pathologies characterized by an alteration of eating habits and by an excessive concern for weight and body shapes. Read more