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Periodontitis and overweight. Is there a correlation?

Periodontitis is a widespread disease that creates widespread problems and discomforts for many patients. Sometimes its severity can even lead to surgery and implants to restore smiles and the ability to chew without problems. Remaining on the topic of food, however, another widespread pathology is that of obesity or in any case being overweight. Some […]

Dental implant, what to eat after surgery

Undergoing surgery to insert a dental implant is never an easy choice. Many patients are frightened because they have a phobia of the dentist, others because they are afraid of pain or simply of undergoing a real operation. Pain before and after the operation, competence of the medical staff, quality of the materials that will […]

Obesity and masticatory function

Obesity is a seriously widespread health problem in Western society with an ever increasing incidence on some physiological functions of individuals, in particular there is a strong correlation between obesity and masticatory function.

High-protein diet: halitosis and other consequences

consequences of high-protein diet

The high-protein diet has been a very relevant trend in recent years. However, behind the possibility of losing weight in a short time there is always the risk of serious contraindications for the body. In order to stay healthy and balanced, our body needs different nutrients. When the right proportion of foods is unbalanced in […]