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The diet that is good for our teeth: smile-friendly foods

teeth health diet

Dental health also depends on good nutrition: a balanced diet helps us to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth.

How does the diet affect the well-being of the teeth

Dental health begins in the shopping cart.

Acidic foods, carbonated drinks, foods loaded with sugars can damage the health of the teeth, in particular a poor diet can be the basis of dental diseases such as:

Milan dentist
  • caries;
  • periodontitis;
  • gum recession;
  • abrasion of dental enamel;
  • halitosis.

A healthy and balanced diet, on the other hand, can be an ally for our teeth and prevent plaque and cavities.

What foods to include in the diet for good dental health

The well-being of the whole organism derives from a healthy mouth. Health is often thought of by watertight compartments: the teeth, the diet, the back, the legs; but it is appropriate to think of our body as a perfect mechanism, in which all the parts of which it is composed are interconnected.

Nutrition is essential for the health of the body and mouth, as well as daily and constant oral hygiene.

There are foods that, if properly included in your diet, can help strengthen the health of your teeth:

  • green tea is rich in fluorine and polyphenols that fight bacteria present in the oral cavity;
  • cheese is an excellent source of calcium useful for strengthening bones;
  • pure licorice helps fight strep bacteria;
  • phosphorus and magnesium are useful allies of oral health and are contained in fruit, spinach, meat, fish;
  • the intake of vitamin C is essential for the health of the gums.
use dental floss

Not just diet: the importance of oral hygiene and periodic dental visits

To maintain a healthy and dazzling smile, it is advisable to combine a healthy diet with proper oral hygiene.

Teeth must be brushed after each meal; in fact, already after 20 minutes from the end of meals the salivary pH tends to become acidic and to favor the proliferation of bacteria.

Teeth brushing should not be hasty, but thorough and should follow precise movements to thoroughly clean not only the teeth, but also the spaces between them.

Mouthwash and dental floss can ensure a deeper cleaning of the mouth.

To close the circle of well-being of the mouth and teeth are the periodic visits to the dentist who guarantee the effective prevention of diseases such as caries, periodontitis and much more.

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