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For a man taking care of his intimate health is very important and prevention through a specialized Sanident visit to Milan avoids the risk of kidney, prostate and genital and urinary tract problems and diseases. The urological or andrological specialist examination costs euro 98 and subsequent euro 59 checks.

Book a man check-up with the release of the report and the ultrasound images among those designed for you by Sanident in Milan

Preparation for ultrasound examinations

Ultrasound does not require specific preparation of the patient, however some precautions are useful such as fast or drinking water before the examination or performing a cleansing enema in the case of transrectal ultrasound.

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Observe a diet low in carbohydrates (pasta, bread, cakes) avoid cooked vegetables
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Fast for at least 6 hours.
Take your previous radiological examinations and the medical request in which the indications of the exam are specified
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Drink half a liter to 1 liter of non-carbonated water and do not urinate until the time of the ultrasound scan.

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With timely drug therapy, surgery can be avoided

Dr. Davide BarlettaPeyronie‘s disease or Induratio Penis Plastica (Ipp) is an alteration that affects the cavernous bodies of the penis and causes a progressive change in their natural covering.
The IPP, unfortunately, is no longer rare in andrology“, says Dr. Davide Barletta, who attended the course in Clinical Andrology sponsored by the Italian Society of Andrology and received the II level Master in Male Genital Surgery promoted by the Society Italian Male Genital Surgery.
“The disease – he continues – is caused by an inflammatory process of the albuginea tunic of the penis that leads, over time, to the formation of a penile plaque, which in turn determines the penile recurvatum and erectile deficit.
If no action is taken, there is a high possibility that the symptoms related to the IP will worsen, to the point of leading the patient to the impossibility of having sexual intercourse, both for the excessive curvature of the penis and for acute pain”.
Peyronie’s disease is an andrological disease treated mainly with surgery, “but if diagnosed in the non-advanced phase, medical therapy alone, through specific drugs, can significantly improve symptoms”, specifies the doctor.
“Although it does not lead to total recovery, drug therapy can prevent many patients from having surgery, which, as such, can still have a certain number of complications,” concludes Dr. Barletta.