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In the SANIDENT clinic you will find all the modern treatments for general and oral care and health and for the aesthetics of the body’s face and smile.

SANIDENT plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in Milan were born to satisfy the request of many patients who wanted to improve their general psychophysical health and the appearance of their face and body, taking care of their rejuvenation in a trusted clinic.

The aesthetics of the face, of the body and of the smile once capriciously reserved for the few, today is very much in demand and accessible to all.
With modern techniques and new tools made available by medicine and scientific innovation, the embellishment of the smile and the rejuvenation of the face and body is possible and safe thanks to the use of non-invasive equipment and to aesthetic and cosmetic treatments that thanks to the resolutive interventions of plastic surgery.

Sanident has an equipped internal operating room where plastic surgery is performed to eliminate all skin imperfections without pain.


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What is Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency is a new and revolutionary system for achieving a lasting facial rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles and skin laxity with a painless and non-invasive method. With the growing demand for therapies aimed at improving the appearance of the face, neck and décolleté, the demand for interventions without post-operative course has increased proportionately to immediately resume a normal relationship life. Today, aesthetics has many resources to reduce age-related imperfections with methods that mainly have the function of reducing surface damage. Radiofrequency is a device that has been used for some years in aesthetic medicine and only recently has it exploited its full potential for anti-aging protocols. In the United States it is called “lunch therapy”, a lunch interval lift.

Monopolar or Bipolar Radiofrequency?

The substantial difference between the Medical Monopolar Radiofrequency and the Bipolar Radiofrequency is that the first one guarantees a greater efficacy because it penetrates into the derma at full thickness and, covering the fibrous septa of the hypodermis, reaches the superficial muscular fascia, while the Bipolar radiofrequency, remaining more on the surface, it does not reach, with a clinically effective temperature, the deep layers of the dermis and the fibrous septa; therefore the tensor effect (Tightening) is obtained more effectively with the Monopolar radiofrequency. The SANIDENT natural biolifting radiofrequency represents one of the most modern techniques that can be used in the treatment of sagging skin: it is a medical monopolar capacitive radiofrequency.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional lasers, which achieve an ablative type of rejuvenation (with which parts of the skin are struck and destroyed for a complete renewal of the skin surface), the monopolar radiofrequency system stimulates the production of new collagen in a non ablative manner, crossing the dermis and the hypodermis modifying them at different depths but without acting on the skin surface in an aggressive manner. Radiofrequency is an alternating high frequency electric current (between 1 and 6 MHz) whose flow changes towards very quickly; it does not stimulate nerve and muscle tissue but produces a controlled “thermal effect” by increasing the temperature of the dermis. The bio-physical effect of radiofrequency is in fact based on the conversion of electrical energy into heat, and heating occurs by molecular oscillation due to a rotational displacement of intracellular electrolytes.

Is it a safe treatment?

The capacitive radiofrequency supplies uniform and constant heat in a predictable way, managing to reach depths of up to 7 mm, affecting the deep dermis and the connective fibrous branches of the subcutaneous tissue up to the muscular fascia. The heat generated at the level of the superficial and deep dermis and of the adipose tissue creates the denaturation of the collagen fibers (5-20%) with consequent immediate contraction of the fibers and progressive effect in the following weeks. During the radiofrequency treatment the tissue is heated and consequently the tip of the instrument, not vice versa. The effects of hyperthermia are neocollagenesis through the stimulation of fibroblast activity, an improvement on turgor and skin tone, an increase in the exchange of substances between tissues and blood vessels. All this in the absence of thermal damage ( there is no inflammatory infiltrate or tissue necrosis in histological studies conducted 7 days after treatment) and with a high safety profile as evidenced by decades of use in medicine.

How soon do you see the results?

It is possible to see the results of the treatment from the first sessions. The effect of facial rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles is immediately perceived by all patients.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions required for a cycle of radiofrequency treatments varies according to the type of skin of the patient, the degree of skin relaxation and the depth of expression lines. On average, there are between 5 and 10 treatments lasting 40 minutes each. Only one or two booster treatments per year will be required to maintain the results obtained over time.