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The Sanident Diet in Milan is managed by medical specialists who study the effects of foods on the body’s metabolic processes.
Evaluating lifestyle, nutrition, possible pathologies, socio-family and psychological aspects related to eating disorders is part of the division’s work.

It is possible to make a dietetic visit and obtain a personalized study and the prescription of diets according to the nutritional needs or in function of possible food intolerances both for healthy people (adults and children) and for those who have been diagnosed with a disease.


Sanident in Milan offers patients who request it the opportunity to take care of themselves using natural sciences and disciplines such as homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, analgesic therapy, oxygen therapy and Bach flower remedies



“Mesotherapy is an injection therapy method consisting in the administration of an Official Pharmacopoeia drug in the dermis of a corresponding well-defined topographic area
to the cutaneous projection of an organ or part of organ that is the site of a pathological process.”

Mesotherapy is a method of pharmacological injection therapy, more precisely, this term refers to a district intradermal drug therapy.

The method consists, in fact, in the administration of a drug of the Official Pharmacopoeia in the dermis of a well-defined topographic area corresponding to the cutaneous projection of an organ or part of organ which is the site of a pathological process.

The distribution of the drug is carried out with a series of micro-injections in the corresponding cutaneous district.

Mesotherapy or District Intradermotherapy (ITD), as it will be called from now on, is an act of exclusive competence of the physician, since it requires a diagnosis, an assessment of the appropriateness of the treatment compared to other therapeutic options, a choice pharmacological, a control of the results and therefore the informed consent from the patient. Therefore, the I.T.D. is part of conventional medicine.

Thanks to this technique, important therapeutic results are achieved with small doses of medication, reducing the risk of iatrogenic effects and health costs.
The I.T.D. it does not exclude or replace other routes of drug administration, moreover it can be used in association with physio-kinesi-terri therapies with strengthening of both the physiotherapy and the pharmacological effect.