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In Sanident the dermatology clinic performs the general clinical examination of the skin for the prevention and early diagnosis of dermatological diseases.
In particular, pigmented lesions can be checked up.
The specialist dermatological examination has a cost of € 98 and subsequent checks of € 59.

For the purpose of effective prevention, therapies are targeted at the treatment of sun-related lesions (photoaging) that can undergo neoplastic transformation over time.
The same dermatology clinic is also dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of common dermatological diseases

Sanident is equipped with a fully equipped surgical room where minimally invasive dermatological surgery is performed to eliminate skin lesions of various kinds without pain.

Dermatological surgery is particularly suitable for:


To be able to keep the moles more easily under control, especially if they are numerous or if they are at risk, it is good to undergo a check and make a mapping of them. The mapping of moles in epiluminescence, a technique that allows a direct assessment and in an absolutely non-invasive and painless way, with a specialist visit and release of the report.

The examination is not invasive and thanks to the support of digital images, it allows to examine the microstructures and pigmentary lesions that are invisible to the naked eye. In this way it is possible to control their evolution over time to exclude any kind of future problem. Among the non-invasive diagnostic methods and the most effective use is epiluminescence and video-dermoscopy, techniques that allow to study in vivo the micro-structures and architectures of pigmentary lesions invisible to the naked eye.

Carrying out a Sanident dermatological examination with mapping and control of moles with Epiluminescence or digital dermoscopy is today simple, rapid and painless and can be of fundamental importance for prevention.

Exam preparation

The dermatological examinations and the mapping of the moles do not require specific preparation of the patient, however it is indicated where possible to suspend the intake of drugs and / or foods of which the full individual tolerability is not well known.