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Even if there are no particular disorders or symptoms, a cardiological examination is always recommended to prevent cardiovascular risks which are not obvious and which, if neglected, can lead to important complications over time. At Sanident you will find a team of cardiologists in Milan and latest-generation equipment for your cardiology check-up, for the study of arrhythmias, hypertension and other heart diseases.
The initial visit costs 98 euros and also includes electrocardiogram exams.
Subsequent checks cost € 59.

A specialist visit to the heart can save lives. A visit with the cardiologist is especially recommended for all apparently asymptomatic patients with high cardiovascular risk.

Risk factors are to be considered:

For the health of your heart in Sanident you can perform electrocardiograms, ultrasound scans, echocolordoppler which, during the specialist cardiological examination, make it possible to identify the presence of any dysfunctions or monitor important disorders and diseases.