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Obstructive sleep apnea, the fundamental role of the dentist

Sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is a sleep disorder caused by obstruction, complete in the case of apnea or partial in that of hypopnea, of the upper airways. During the night’s rest, in fact, due to the position taken by the body there is a physiological reduction of the caliber of the airways and consequently breathing […]

Causes and remedies for toothache

If you want to find out what causes the toothache that afflicts you, the best thing you can do is run to your dentist who is the only figure who can correctly evaluate your situation. If you want to have general information, in this article we will talk about how to remedy toothache and the […]

Periodontitis, this unknown

Every day when we eat, a platoon of bacteria energetically lashes out against our teeth. By washing them after meals, we can protect them from the 100,000 microorganisms that are the cause of tooth decay and gum inflammation.

Halitosis, can you fight?

Have you tried with mint candies, those with aromatic herbs, chewingum at any time but nothing, the problem persists. We immediately comfort you by saying that about 25% of the population suffers from it, but knowing the causes and remedies, you can counteract it.

Smoking and dental health

Smoker with healthy teeth? Not very likely. If in order to have healthy teeth it is necessary to take care of them and go to the dentist constantly, the more or less avid smoker will not enjoy dental health equal to that of a non-smoker patient. This is demonstrated by a German study which we […]

Faq: implantology in pills

The most common questions and patient curiosities collected here in an article. “Implantology in 11 pills”: immediate load surgery can resolve total or partial edentulism in a very short time, it is not painful if you rely on expert hands and it takes place in conscious sedation, the safety of the result depends on the […]

Dental implants: a world to discover

With this article we think of patients who will soon have to resort to dental implantology and who want to know more about how the surgery takes place and the guarantees they will receive. We therefore provide a small “bignami” on the treatment process and some “pills” on how to choose the right dental center.