clean the dental implant

Cleaning the dental implant: here’s how to proceed

Before facing an implantology intervention, each patient is taken by many doubts and hesitations that disappear after seeing the results of the intervention. But beware of forgetting to clean the dental implant. Read more

loss of a Milan dentist tooth

Tooth loss: why is it important to replace it?

The loss of a tooth is a worry for everyone. We certainly do not remain indifferent to a missing tooth. Despite this, a common attitude to those who face this type of problem is to postpone the decision to be made over time. Read more

tooth moving dentist milan

Moving tooth: do you have to worry?

A moving tooth can be a touch perception or an objective condition. In reality, an almost imperceptible movement is a normal condition for a tooth, it is in fact a slight flexibility of the periodontal ligament that allows a micro oscillation, also useful to cushion the chewing pressure. Instead, a different and more complex situation is in which the tooth moves in a clearly evident way. Read more

perimplantitis cure implantology milan

Periimplantitis: the infection that affects the dental implant

We have listed peri-implantitis as the cause of the loss of a dental implant. Let’s try to understand specifically what this particular pathology is so insidious for patients who have undergone an implantology intervention. Read more

bone atrophy zygomatic implantology

Bone atrophy: zygomatic implantology or bone graft

Zygomatic implantology and bone grafting are the two alternatives that face the patient in cases of severe maxillary bone atrophy, that is, in cases where the bone is not sufficient to support a classic immediate load implant surgery.

Read more