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Periodontitis and overweight. Is there a correlation?

Periodontitis is a widespread disease that creates widespread problems and discomforts for many patients. Sometimes its severity can even lead to surgery and implants to restore smiles and the ability to chew without problems. Remaining on the topic of food, however, another widespread pathology is that of obesity or in any case being overweight. Some […]

When and why to consult a gnathologist? Here are the reasons

Jaw that pops

The gnathologist is a specialist in curing all of those disorders related to a bad occlusion of the jaw and the muscular system. Among the most important mandibular functions we find: chewing, swallowing, phonatory and postural function. The gnathologist is always part of the branch of dentistry but should not be confused with the dentist […]

White patina? A sign not to be underestimated

The phenomenon of white tongue is often a cause for concern as it can also be seen with the naked eye precisely because our tongue is covered by a thin white layer. This white layer is called the white patina. White tongue often consists of: All these factors put together contribute to determining the white […]

Bruxism, a disorder that affects nearly one in three people.


Grinding your teeth by rubbing the upper arch with the lower one is a widespread activity that we often carry out even unconsciously during the day. This activity is called bruxism and is particularly common among children, but generally also in adults during the night. But what exactly is it about? What are the causes […]

Periodontitis, an underestimated problem. How to recognize it and what to eat

Genetic predisposition to periodontitis

Also known as pyorrhea, periodontitis is a disease that affects the gums. Going more specifically, it is actually an infection that affects all the tissues that support the teeth such as the gums, alveolar bone, tooth root cementum and the periodontal ligament. Periodontitis has always been a pathology that has created various inconveniences, but what […]

Old age and oral health. Risks, problems and how to deal with them

inflammation of elderly gums

When it comes to oral health, an entire branch is now taken into consideration which is made up of many fields, but which above all also affects the overall well-being of our body. This close correlation becomes more and more true with the arrival of old age. The latter involves changes in the body and […]

Sensitive teeth? That’s when eating or drinking becomes a nuisance

cure tooth hypersensitivity

Do you feel discomfort or pain when you eat or drink things that are too hot, cold, or particularly sugary? Then you definitely have a problem with marked tooth sensitivity or hypersensitivity. Are you tired of trying it? Would you like to solve the problem once and for all? There can be several reasons for […]

Healthy teeth. Prevention is the best cure, eliminating bad habits

Smoking and dental health

It’s pretty clear by now. The first step in trying to have an acceptable quality of life is to try to have healthy teeth. Our oral hygiene is essential and should not be underestimated in any way. Suffering from toothache, having pathologies or problems deriving from our dental health can often be the cause (and […]