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Wear of dental veneers: new dental materials

wear of dental veneers

Research in the dental field also works in the constant search for new materials, in particular increasing the resistance of materials to abrasion can positively affect the duration of many treatments and limit the wear of dental veneers.

Plaque buildup after DIY bleaching

plaque buildup after bleaching

Plaque buildup after DIY whitening can be an unpleasant consequence of wanting to have white teeth and relying on unprofessional remedies.

Dental enamel defects: white spots on the teeth

defects of the enamel

Among the defects of the enamel we can include the white spots that often appear on the surface of the teeth, creating an evident imperfection. In this article we will try to understand the origin of the white spots on the teeth and how to cure them.

Rejuvenate with dental care: dental veneers and implantology

rejuvenate with dental care

It is not said that to rejuvenate you must necessarily contact a cosmetic surgeon, a good dentist might be enough. The field in which we are going to go is that of cosmetic dentistry, that is the branch of dentistry that deals mainly with the aesthetics of the smile.

Aesthetics of the face and teeth: how to regain well-being

Taking care of the aesthetics of the face and teeth is a device that restores a renewed well-being to the whole body. The treatments dedicated to smile and facial skin rejuvenation are now accessible to everyone, are not invasive and require short therapy times. The results, however, are immediately visible: a younger face and a […]