We chose SANIDENT for…

  • The specialist visits of the multi-specialty division of cardiology, gynecology, breast, dermatology, urology, vascular surgery and the complete check-up in dentistry of the state of health of the teeth and oral cavity
  • The polyspecialist doctors of many disciplines for the health of men, women and children, anesthesiologists, dentists, implantologists and orthodontists
  • All qualified professionals and all enrolled in the register of surgeons and dentists including international conference speakers and university professors
  • The GUARANTEE on all treatments carried out: 4 YEARS on the conservative (fillings, reconstructions, endodontics), 6 YEARS on fixed dental prostheses (crowns, bridges, complete arches), and the LIFETIME WARRANTY on Implantology
  • Radiologic diagnosis and 3D CONE BEAM CT (with contained X-ray emission) for implantology and oral surgery performed directly in-house according to diagnostic need
  • Multidisciplinary assistance and preventive diagnosis of body and oral cavity pathologies, for adults and children
  • Complete and personalized treatments for the treatment of function, rehabilitation and aesthetics
  • The latest techniques, research and equipment
  • The certainty of finding more and more implant specialists and surgeons present in the clinic every day of the week
  • Latest generation materials and high quality with international guarantee
  • Personalized payments with funding up to 60 months
  • Relaxing and comfortable environments with fountains and water walls a natural element that relaxes and removes all tension
  • Fast Internet access with free wi-fi in the waiting room
  • The experienced, kind, attentive staff
  • Dental hygienists are all graduates and always available to recommend the best method to take care of their teeth with daily hygiene
  • The bicarbonate hydro-jet, oxygen therapy and fluoroprophylaxis for oral hygiene and a freshness never experienced before
  • The exclusive, modern surgical room for surgery and implant surgery
  • The use of anesthesiology with conscious sedation – anxiolysis for the most demanding surgical procedures or for phobic patients
  • Digital radiodiagnostic, ultrasound, electrocardial and 3D CAD / CAM dental equipment in place
  • The innovative original Invisalign invisible orthodontics appliance
  • Quality and safety at the highest levels with certified standards
  • The certainty of never feeling pain
  • Personalized and detailed care plans with each item displayed
  • The clear and pleasantly fair prices with the best quality / price ratio documented by the major consumer associations and buying groups
  • The invoice always delivered for any treatment and amount paid
  • The irresistible, unbeatable web offers
  • The prevention and control plan for all Sanident patients of each discipline and the dental hygiene booster every 6/8 months at reasonable prices
  • Cleaning and sterilization at the highest levels with strict protocols and continuous checks
  • Choose SANIDENT too… there is always a good reason…

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