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Removal of a failed dental implant

removal of a Milan dental implant

The removal of a dental implant is a rare intervention given the high percentage of successes in modern implantology. However, when an implant failure occurs, it may be necessary to remove the implant.

Removal of a dental implant: when necessary

The removal of a dental implant, due to the rarity with which it is performed, is much more complex than an implant surgery.

A dental implant is removed if there are no possible alternatives, the main conditions occur:

Implant removal for implant failure

removal of a dental implantThe implant failure can be immediate, that is to say to occur shortly after the implant surgery, due to problems of osseointegration, or late, occurs after months or years and is mainly due to a neglected dental implant care by of the patient.

In both cases there is a loss of stability, total or partial, which makes the removal of the dental implant more or less difficult.

If the loss of stability is total, the dental implant shows a strong mobility, to remove it just use an implant screwdriver, hook the implant, make a rotation and extract it from the bone.

If the loss of stability is partial, it means that part of the implant is still inserted in the bone, in this case the removal of the dental implant is much more complex. The technique is always that of anticlockwise rotation, but the dentist must preserve the integrity of the bone and act with the utmost caution to avoid trauma or tissue damage.

Implant removal following a fracture

The implant fracture can occur due to incorrect planning of the implant surgery or due to traumatic causes.

One of the main causes for which the implant breaks is the unscrewing of the screw, with consequent fracture. When the implant has a fracture, be it of the screw, abutment or prosthetic crown, the removal techniques may be different.

Ultrasonic implant removalremoval of a dental implant in Milan

In some dental centers ultrasonic tips are used to correctly and without trauma for the patient, to remove the implant fragment.

Dental implant removal kit

remove milano dental implantIn other cases the procedure indicated is the use of a specific removal kit provided by the same manufacturers of dental implants.

Each certified dental implant corresponds to a specific removal kit to be used in the remote hypothesis in which the implant must be removed. Not all dental centers use high quality dental implants, the only ones that guarantee very high levels of safety and reliability for the patient, even in the eventuality of removing the dental implant.

The choice of a dental center for implantology should never be a choice of tummy, it is important to think about all that it implies, especially in terms of guarantee at a distance of time from the intervention.

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