The dental aesthetics, of the face and of the smile once a whim reserved for the few, today is very much in demand and accessible to all.

With modern techniques and new tools made available by scientific innovation, the embellishment of the smile and the rejuvenation of the face is possible and safe: for example the Professional teeth whitening using pure hydrogen peroxide and LED light Aesthetic veneers in the latest generation of vitrified composite exclusive patented Austrian product or the Ceramic or zirconia veneers with personalized photo studio and custom simulation models for a wonderful aesthetic rehabilitation not only exclusive to VIPs and movie and TV stars, the monopolar capacitive radiofrequency that acts like a natural biolifting and smoothes wrinkles rejuvenating the face from the first sessions. It softly reshapes the lines, thoroughly toning the fabrics and giving elasticity and compactness for a fresh, healthy, ageless expression.
Inhalation oxygen therapy that allows us to keep our cells alive and young by reducing the damage caused by pollution, thus avoiding imperfections and premature aging.

In the SANIDENT clinic you will find all the modern treatments for general and oral care and health and for the aesthetics of the face and smile.
Radiofrequency, oxygen therapy and beauty treatments SANIDENT for the face were born to satisfy the request of many patients who, after having recovered their smile thanks to the functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of their teeth, wanted to improve the general psychophysical state of health and the appearance of the face by taking care of the rejuvenation in a trusted clinic.

How is dental whitening performed in sanident?

Before performing whitening, one of our dentists will evaluate the patient’s suitability for treatment by carrying out a check-up.
Having ascertained the absence of contraindications or the occurrence of possible side effects we proceed with the actual whitening session.

In a first phase the gums are protected by applying to them a polymerizable photo dam.

After protecting the gums and applying the whitening gel based on hydrogen peroxide on the teeth, the enamel is exposed to a light source (LED lamp) which catalyzes, or accelerates, the reaction.
Dissociating hydrogen peroxide releases the oxygen free radicals that attach to the large organic molecules of the spots, breaking them down into soluble and low molecular weight compounds. With this procedure, the teeth become whiter.
The application can be repeated 2 times, for a total duration of about 45 minutes

What are the benefits of a sanident tooth whitening?

  • dentists and dental hygienists graduates
  • specific training courses for dental health and aesthetics
  • use of high quality products and equipment
  • high effectiveness
  • quick action
  • minimum commitment by the patient
  • long lasting results
  • low costs


What is radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency is a new and revolutionary system for achieving a lasting facial, reducing wrinkles and skin laxity with a painless and non-invasive method. With the growing demand for therapies aimed at improving the appearance of the face, neck and décolleté, the demand for interventions without post-operative course has increased proportionately to immediately resume a normal relationship life. Today, aesthetics has many resources to reduce age-related imperfections with methods that mainly have the function of reducing surface damage. Radiofrequency is a device that has been used for some years in aesthetic medicine and only has recently been used for its full potential for anti-aging protocols. In the United States it is called “lunch therapy”, at lunch interval lift.


To function well, every organ in our body needs oxygen. The blood transports it to the most remote points of the tissues while removing toxic products. If oxygen does not arrive adequately in the suburbs we face the so-called “ischemic diseases” that can cause a heart attack, a stroke or serious respiratory problems. When the air is too polluted, the blood is no longer able to carry oxygen, giving rise to hypoxia which causes suffering in the often subtle tissues as it is difficult to recognize at first given the non-specificity of the symptoms it causes: tiredness, irritability , lack of concentration, headache, insomnia, cellulite, marked skin. If the lack of oxygen becomes chronic, it gives more visible signs such as stunted growth of hair and nails, a sense of circle around the head, pallor, exhaustion, aged skin, digestive and respiratory disorders, states of anxiety.


Carbon monoxide generated by transport and heating is the most serious source of air we breathe every day, especially in big cities. Another source of pollution is the toxins produced by our body after exposure to any type of physical and mental effort: heat, exposure to artificial light, odors, passive smoking, drugs, drugs, alcohol, trauma, preservatives, dyes, infections , electromagnetic fields etc. Unfortunately, all these substances permeate every aspect of the wellness society: this is why it is very important to know how to defend oneself.

To keep ourselves alive our cells require oxygen: the polluted environments of our cities play against us making us accumulate waste and free radicals in the body with the result of favoring chronic diseases and premature aging. Oxygen therapy by inhalation is recommended for all those who are in polluted cities and want to live and feel good. They are recommended to young people and to sportsmen and to anyone who wants to feel fit and good about himself by naturally increasing oxygen in the blood.

Alterations of the microcirculation are the basis of our premature aging. The damage caused by pollution affects not only the respiratory system but every other organ, thus also weakening our immune and circulatory system. The cells that protect us from viruses and bacteria, need oxygen to defend ourselves and many bacteria called anaerobes (which live where there is no oxygen) they cannot take root in our tissues if they are well oxygenated. Pure oxygen inhalations come to our aid, allowing our cells to defend themselves naturally against viruses and bacteria.

It is important to stay young and stop or delay aging, to keep the extraordinary physical and mental potential that characterize every human being as long as possible and in excellent shape. SANIDENT inhaled oxygen therapy can be useful to anyone at any age to maintain an excellent physical and mental condition over time. Pure oxygen inhalations are a simple and effective therapeutic strategy to keep our cells alive longer allowing us to slow down aging.


Over the years, the skin slows down its growth rate especially in people who smoke, suffering from chronic diseases and overexposed to sunlight. All this is worsened and accelerated by the reduced blood circulation with consequent reduction of the oxygen supply.

Because of this deficiency, all skin reconstitution processes slow down, with reduced skin vitality. Here appear: dull skin, roughness, lack of tone and brightness. The signs of expression are accentuated even at the level of the neck where the skin begins to lose compactness. Pure oxygen inhalations give the skin a new glow by improving microcirculation. They promote the elimination or reduction of skin imperfections such as dry skin, wrinkles, rosacea or excess sebum production.
An effective anti-aging strategy must therefore complement an improvement in tissue oxygenation. Oxygen is also an indispensable complement to treatments for the face and for the treatment of cellulite and during slimming programs to help expel toxins and activate metabolism. Oxygen therapy by inhalation stimulating the microcirculation, or the dense network of small vessels that nourishes our body in the periphery and also the skin is the best treatment to combine with radiofrequency treatments and cosmetics.

The Sanident inhalation oxygen therapy, through a natural flow system, stimulates collagen regeneration and slows aging.