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Deep bite: when it is possible to correct it

The deep bite is a particular type of malocclusion, it is called a deep bite when the incisors of the upper arch of the teeth cover those of the lower arch.

The causes of the deep bite

In a condition of normality, that is when the two dental arches are correctly aligned, the upper incisors cover the lower incisors for about two millimeters, beyond this measure we can speak of a deep bite or covered bite.deep bite milan dentist

In more serious cases, the upper incisors even touch the gum flap of the lower incisors.

This particular type of malocclusion is not just an aesthetic problem; a malocclusion problem can in fact give rise to severe headaches or back pain, as well as problems with speech and swallowing.

The main causes of the deep bite are:

  • genetic anomaly;
  • bruxism;
  • trauma;
  • incorrect habits.

The main cause is genetic inheritance, a condition in which an abnormality of skeletal development occurs. In these cases the upper arch develops in a way that is not proportionate to the lower arch.deep bite back pain

Other causes may instead be external, such as the presence of bruxism, traumas to the dental arches due to accidents or falls, incorrect habits such as sucking the finger or the pacifier for very long periods and over two years of age.


A covered bite condition withdraws the jaw from its normal position, this involves a skeletal muscle tension that impacts the entire posture of the subject.

Patients with a deep bite also have cervical lordosis, which is a more curved posture with the head forward. The incorrect posture in turn leads to cervical pain, difficulty in chewing, frequent headaches.

In very serious situations, the lower incisors come to touch the palate, while the upper incisors touch the lower gums, in this condition there are also tissue lesions with possible bleeding.

Can the deep bite be cured?

The bite covered, as in all cases in which the causes of the pathology are of skeletal origin, can easily be corrected if the subject is in the age of bone development.

In children and adolescents, in the presence of a deep bite, orthodontic therapy can be used.

By inserting an orthodontic appliance, the defect can be corrected by bringing the arches back into the correct alignment and eliminating the effects of malocclusion.deep bite milan orthodontics

When, on the other hand, the intervention is programmed in a phase of life in which skeletal development is already completed, it is much more difficult to solve the problem altogether. It will no longer be possible to intervene on the bone part and orthodontic therapy can only correct the position of the dental elements.

In these cases it is however possible to obtain a partial solution of the covered bite, trying to recover at least in part the normal functionality of the arches and also the aesthetic component. In special cases it is also possible to use maxillo-facial surgery.

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